The cabinet exists to regulate and develop the organization, while also being there to support Akbayan’s members. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or just say hello!

Current Cabinet



President – Daniel Lazo
Vice President – Jericho Lazo
Treasurer – Marisa Ignacio
Secretary – Benjamin Ryan ARR Perez
Social – Stacy Hernandez
Cultural – Camille Kae Valerio
Community & Political Affairs – Kathrine Victoria Garcia
Academics – Darren Olay
KAAMP Coordinator – Joseph Ilos
PCN Coordinator – Dominique Guevara
Internship Coordinator – Carl Gette Cortez
Public Relations – Bernabe (Junie) L. Urbano, III & Jerick Mandapat
Media & Publications – Nick Dineros, John Ryan Amayun, & Roijethro Demetria

Cabinet Alumni

Cabinet 2016-2017: LEVEL 40

President – Gerard Manay
Vice President – Caroline Clemente
Treasurer – Justin Galvez
Secretary – Breanne Familara
Social – Julian Cagonot
Cultural – Carl Cortez
Community & Political Affairs – Daniel Lazo
Academics – Kaleoaloha Wilson
KAAMP Coordinator – Marco Morillo
PCN Coordinator – Christian Jerick Villanueva
Internship Coordinator – Bernice Ignacio
Public Relations – Dylan Songkham & Eina Reyes
Media & Publications – Andre Ramirez, Baotran Ton, & Rizzabel Nagar

Thank you to everyone who helped run and develop our organization, it wouldn’t have been the same without your help!


Cabinet 2015-2016: T.Y.D.E. 39
President – Mia Guevarra
Vice President – Heidi Mondragon
Secretary – Jericho Lazo
Treasurer – Raymond Domulot
Social Chair – Cassidy Tarng
Cultural Chair – Adrian Bautista
Community & Political Affairs – Gerard Manay and Selena Flores
PCN Coordinator – Edgar Domingo
Internship Coordinator – Kristine Fernandez
KAAMP Coordinator – Necole Cayanan
Public Relations – Anna Rada
Public Relations – Jeren Penalosa
Media & Publications – Andrea Nuyda
Media & Publications – Marisa Ignacio
Media & Publications – Nicholas Lee

Open House-8936

Cabinet 2014-2015: The 38th Element
President – Ann Dela Cruz
Vice President – Raymond Baltazar
Secretary – Charlene Estolas
Treasurer – Mark Sugui
Social Chair – Nicholas Yurong
Cultural Chair – Bernice Ignacio
Community & Political Affairs – Jerico Santos & Kristine Fernandez
PCN Coordinator – Mia Guevarra
Internship Coordinator – Heidi Mondragon
KAAMP Coordinator – Sandro Engo
Public Relations – Caroline Clemente
Public Relations – Meghan Louie
Media & Publications – Katlyn Juan
Media & Publications – Rachel Velasco
Media & Publications – Rochelle Quarto


Cabinet 2013-2014: The League
President – Hidee Reyes
Vice President – Aaron Asilo
Secretary – Heidi Mondragon
Treasurer – Paul John La Penia
Social Chair – Kayekay Magpantay
Cultural Chair  – Myla Leseñana
Community & Political Affairs– Nicholas Yurong & Cliff David
PCN Coordinator – Ann Dela Cruz
Internship Coordinator – Audie Concordia
KAAMP Coordinator – Eda Nagrampa
Public Relations – Mia Guevarra
Public Relations – Britt Coyne
Media & Publications – Stephanie Acedillo
Media & Publications – Marlon Dela Cruz
Media & Publications – Marevel Tepora


Our Mission:

The 36 R.O.O.T.S will aspire to uphold our traditions through the origins of our pillars.

Cabinet 2012-2013: 36 R.O.OT.S.
President – Arlo Trinidad
Vice President –Nea Ignacio
Secretary – Alan Jaro
Treasurer – Melissa Guirit
Social Chair – Hidee Reyes
Cultural Chair  – Ann De La Cruz
Community Affairs – Ian Zamora
PCN Coordinator – Christian Borromeo
Internship Coordinator – Nea Ignacio and Arlo Trinidad
KAAMP Coordinator – Warren Modesto
Public Relations – Aaron Asilo
Public Relations – DJ Ramirez
Media & Publications – Abegail Cariaso
Media & Publications –  Paul John La Penia
Media & Publications –  Raymond Baltazar

Cabinet 2011-2012: The 35th
President – Sharoleen Amigable
Vice President –Jonathan Juntado, Caroline Cabrerra
Secretary – Ferdinand Luis Jr. 
Treasurer – Hidee Reyes
Social Chair –Samantha Manklang
Cultural Chair  – Christian Borromeo
Community Affairs – Arlo Trinidad
Community Affairs – Jesse Barbon
PCN Coordinator – Jeff Monje
PCN Coordinator – Francesca Mateo
Internship Coordinator – Ansel Modesto
KAAMP Coordinator – Nea Ignacio
Public Relations – Joshua Cruz
Public Relations – Kevin Candido
Media & Publications – Alan Jaro
Media & Publications – Audie Concordia 

Cabinet 2010-2011: A Tribe Called Cab
President – Danreb Victorio
Vice President – Kevin Irabagon
Secretary – Christian Borromeo
Treasurer – Sharoleen Amigable
Social Chair –Ferdinand Luis
Cultural Chair (F’10) – Lauren Tabora
Cultural Chair (S’11) – Chynna Calayag
Community Affairs – Rachelle Celeridad
Community Affairs – Nica Daquigan
PCN Coordinator – Jonathan Juntado
PCN Coordinator – Anthony Cauilan
Internship Coordinator – Angie Tagal
KAAMP Coordinator – Caroline Cabrera
Public Relations – Michelle Raganit
Public Relations – Ansel Modesto
Media & Publications (F’10) – Ray Omega
Media & Publications – Eric Abarabar
Media & Publications (S’11) – Jesse Barbon

Cabinet 2009-2010: O.N.E. Cab

President – John-Paul Limpin
Vice President – Angelica Cortez
Secretary – Ron Buena
Treasurer – Malia Valencia
Public Relations – Ingrid Mapanao
Public Relations – Maria Eugenio
Community Affairs – Angie Tagal
Community Affairs – Trixie Asuncion
PCN Coordinator – Joseph Pelina
PCN Coordinator – Kevin Irabagon
Social Chair – Jessica Altura
Cultural Chair – Anna Quezon
KAAMP Coordinator – Troy Rabanal
Internship Coordinator – Danreb Victorio
Media & Publications – Amethys Lakilak
Media & Publications – Kristen Magno


Cabinet 2008-2009: Fresh Cab
President – Karen Tanquilut
Vice President – Stephen Dominguez
Secretary – Justin Garcia
Treasurer – Beverly Mationg
Public Relations – Justin Lacap
Public Relations – Diane Quintos
Community Affairs – Angelica Cortez
Community Affairs – Danreb Victorio
Cultural Coordinator – Adrianne Dizon
Cultural Coordinator – John-Paul Limpin
Social Chair – Kevin Irabagon
KAAMP Coordinator – Marissa Ferrer
Internship Coordinator – Ashley Ramirez
Media & Publications – Valerie Redrico
Media & Publications – Geraldine Rivera


Cabinet 2007-2008: AK13
President – Noemi Teppang
Vice President – Audrey Ramirez
Secretary – Roger Aquino
Treasurer – Sherry Estrada
Public Relations – Angelica Cortez
Community Affairs – Karen Tanquilut
Community Affairs – Solly Ann Palileo
Cultural Coordinator – Angelo Monje
Cultural Coordinator – Victor Trinidad
Social Chair – John-Paul Limpin
KAAMP Coordinator – Christine Abriam
Internship Coordinator – A-Jay Nicolas
Media & Publications – Stephen Dominguez

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Cabinet 2006-2007: Yadida Cabinet
President – Audrey Ramirez
Vice President – Alan Manosca
Secretary – Agnes Fernandez
Treasurer – Nisha Rustia
Public Relations – Ashley Ramirez
Public Relations – William Escobar
Community Affairs – Carina Orozco
Community Affairs – Noemi Teppang
Cultural Coordinator – Kathleen Cochico
PCN Coordinator – Mark Lester Rafael
Social Chair – Cleo Montenegro
KAAMP Coordinator – Chris Bibat
Internship Coordinator – Romeo Quinto Jr.
Media & Publications – John-Paul Limpin
Media & Publications – Sherry Estrada

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Cabinet 2005-2006
Co-President – Gerstein Padua
Co-President – Paulo Candido
Secretary – Leah Manalo
Treasurer – Audrey Ramirez
Public Relations – Rhea Pera
Public Relations – Joanna Lopez
Community Affairs – J.R. Acacio
Political Affairs – Eleanor Bernales
Cultural Coordinator – A-Jay Nicolas
PCN Coordinator – Camille Sibucao
Social Chair – Eveyln Migue
KAAMP Coordinator – Alan Manosca
Internship Coordinator – Christian Garrucho
Internship Coordinator – Kristee Catacutan
Media & Publications – Donnell De Leon
Media & Publications – Vesper Emata

Cabinet 2004-2005

President – Kathleen Lee
Vice President – Paulo Candido
Secretary – Rhia Eyes
Treasurer – Valerie Agbulos
Public Relations – Vesper Emata
Public Relations – Aris Austria
Social Chair – Christopher Bibat
Cultural Chair – Gerstein Padua
Cultural Chair – Alexis Mangubat
Community Chair – DiAnne Bueno
KAAMP (Formerly KAMP) Coordinator – Allen Arcibal
Media & Publications – Donnell De Leon
Media & Publications – Jon Campos
Internship Coordinator – Kathleen Lee
Internship Coordinator – Paulo Candido
Political Chair*** – Tawny Rosal
*** – Denotes Position No Longer Used
In 2004 positions of Historian, Webmaster, and Newsletter were merged into Media & Publications

In 2004, duties of Treasurer and Fundraiser all became a part of Treasurer
In 2005 the Akbayan Internship was founded
Also in 2005, Community Affairs and Political Affairs were merged into Community Chair

Cabinet 2003-2004

President – Allen Archibal
Vice President – Ernesto Soto
Secretary – Gail Remolador
Treasurer – Rhia Reyes
Public Relations – Vesper Emata
Public Relations – DiAnne Bueno
Social Chair – Alexis Mangubat
Cultural Chair – Jonas Estrada
Community Affairs***- Ann Reginio
Fundraiser*** – Rhia Reyes
Political Affairs*** – Kathleen Lee
Historian*** – Aldrich Sales
Webmaster*** – Christopher Bibat
Newsletter*** – Paulo Candido

Cabinet 2002-2003

Pres: Nicole Virtucio
VP: Raina Torres (who was appointed President Spring semester)
Secretary: Marissa Galang
Treasury: Jerry Matias
PR: Aldrich Sales / Courtney Tarifa
Social Activities: Ernesto Soto / Lynelle Ente
Cultural Chair: Tediocarm Miranda
PCN Chair: Jonas Estrada
Community Service: none elected.
Fundraiser: Theo Paat
Political Activities: Annie Sayo
Historian: Jeff Amboy
Webmaster: Paulo Candido
Newsletter: Andrea Abendanio / Tawny Rosal
Pil-Grad: Joey Hipol
Sports Coordinator: Allen Arcibal

Cabinet 2001-2002

President: Tediocarm Miranda
Vice President: Mark Saturnio
Secretary: Reina Torres
Treasurer: Dynah Lucena
Public Relations: Eric Canoy/ Lynelle Ente
Public Relations (intern): Jonas Estrada
Social Chair: Jerry Matias
Social Chair (intern): Nicole Virtucio
Cultural Chair: Irene Bangi
Cultural Chair: Chariss Ilarina
Cultural (intern): Tarhata Rosal
Community Chair: Michelle Cu
Fundraiser: Jeff Amboy
Historian: Brian Bernadino
Historian: Nyl Lagasca
Webmaster/Newsletter: Paulo Candido
Newsletter (intern): Andrea Abendanio
Student Advisor: Joey Hipol

Cabinet 2000-2001

President – AJ Sioson
Vice President – Cheryl Platon
Secretary – Franchesca Valdovino
Treasurer – Joey Hipol
Public Relations – Mike Sierra
Public Relations – Anthony Santos
Social Chair – Renee Laput
Cultural Chair – Ana Trinidad
Fundraiser*** – Eileen Maramba
Political Affairs*** – Joyce Reyes
Historian*** – Joe Talamayan
Webmaster*** – Louie Almares

Cabinet Spring 2000

President – Joey Hipol
Vice President – Cheryl Platon
Secretary – Joyce Reyes
Treasurer – AJ Sioson
Public Relations – Mike Sierra
Public Relations – Eileen Maramba
Social Chair – Franchesca Valdovino
Cultural Chair – Renee Laput
Community Affairs***- Joey Hipol
Fundraiser*** – Ana Trinidad
Historian*** – EJ Lozano
Webmaster*** – Robert Estimo
Newsletter*** – Joey Hipol

Cabinet Fall 1999

President – Cheryl Platon
Vice President – Marlon Dulay
Secretary – Ana Trinidad
Treasurer – Myra Masangcay
Public Relations – Franchesca Valdovino
Public Relations – Rowena Portilla
Social Chair – Brandon Moreno / Bryna Padilla
Cultural Chair – Girlie La Cuesta
PCN – Arnilyn Realeza
Fundraiser*** – Louie Almares
Historian*** – Zaldy Dela Cuesta
Webmaster*** – Charlie Hipol
Newsletter*** – Joey Hipol

Fall 1987
President – Jorge Sulivan
Vice President – Chris Joven
Secretary – Remee Vargas
Treasurer – Angel Alabastro
PRO – May Bati
Asian Rep – John Estioko


Spring 1987
President -Joshua Francisco
Vice President – Huy Nguyen
Secretary – Mia Mistry
Treasurer – Eddie Ordanza
ISC – Mimi Amutan
PRO – Jocelyn Ordanza
Asian Rep – Remee Vargas

Fall 1986

President – Rowena Alabastro
Vice President –  Joshua Francisco
Secretary – Arnold Argao
Treasurer – Irene Sison
ICSC – Mark Dela Cruz
PRO – Alan Alabastro
Sports Coordinator – Jojo Alcordo


Spring 1985
President – Manolo dela Cruz
Vice President –  Teresa Aquino
Secretary –  Earlene Kinlaw
Treasurer – Annabelle Adel/ Bona Ordanza
ISC – Mike Asercion
PRO – Boyette Sison

Fall 1984

President – Ray Feril
Vice President –  Lilian Tampol
Secretary  – Rowena Olarte
Treasurer –  Judy Velasquez
PRO – Rowena Alabastro
Steering Com Bobby Leano


1984-1987 records brought to you by Akbayan alumni, Rowena (Alabastro) Velasquez.Unfortunately we have lost cabinet records predating 1999 and earlier. If you happen to know of any past cabinet rosters, please send an email to

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MAJOR –  Marketing/Graphic Design