All Akbayan fees may be paid with cash or check (written out to “Akbayan SJSU”) at the Akbayan SJSU table. We table every Monday-Thursday, 12-4PM at the 7th Street Plaza. We are now accepting the following:

  • Akbayan General Membership ($30)
    • This membership gains you access to all Akbayan events, programs, and workshops. You must be a paid general member in order to participate in Friendship Games, KAAMP, Internship, and PCN (starts in the Spring). This membership lasts for a full academic year (fall through spring semesters) and includes a free Akbayan t-shirt. Gen membership fees are nonrefundable.
  • Friendship Games 
    • Gen Member + FG Fee Package (due by 10/19) (prices will go up $5 on the dates below)
      • 9/5-9/14: Early Bird ($40)
      • 9/18-10/5: Regular ($45) 
      • 10/9-10/19: Late ($50)*
        • *no refunds on FG fee after 10/5 (once LATE prices start)
        • *this package fee includes $30 membership, your FG fee, and an FG t-shirt (which we will wear the day-off).
        • *If you are already a paid general member, please show proof of receipt at the table and you will pay the remaining package balance.
    • Friendship Games Hotel (due by 10/12)
      • Anaheim Portofino Inn & Resort (1831 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, Ca 82802)
      • $344 per room ($43 each for a room of 8 people – max. 10)
        • 1 cardholder per room.
          •  Cardholders:
            • Please collect the money for your room and turn it in to the table in one payment.
            • Please email your room lists to treasurer@akbayansjsu.org by 9/23 at 11:59PM
    • IMPORTANT: If you plan to drive, please send a picture of your license and a list of the people in your car to secretary@akbayansjsu.org  by 9/23
    • Friendship Games Bus ($45) Optional (Due 10/12)
      • If you need a ride to Friendship Games, a charter bus is available! This bus will take you to and from FG and is a good chance to bond with your fellow FG fam. Please note that freshmen are not allowed to drive to Friendship Games.

Please keep all receipts! If you have any questions or concerns, please email treasurer@akbayansjsu.org. Thank you!

Constitution Change
(Effective as of Fall 2017 Semester)
As a student organization, it is important that we stay transparent with our members at all times. As noted in the Akbayan Constitution our general membership fee has changed from $20 to $30 effective at the start of the Spring 2017 semester. We believe that this change will allow us to invest more into our programs and events in order to improve them. Program fees (such as Friendship Games and PCN) have been redistributed partially into our general membership in order to keep a balance among the funds. Our goal is to encourage participation in Akbayan as a whole, rather than only one or two aspects of this organization (although each program and event are voluntary!). As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email treasurer@akbayansjsu.org  or visit the Akbayan table (Open Monday-Thursday, 12-4PM at the 7th Street Plaza). Thank you!
Spending Breakdown:
Fees Breakdown