Contact Us

Contact us by mail or by email at:

Akbayan Pilipino American Organization
Mailbox #61 c/o Student Involvement
1411 Student Union Building
San José State University
One Washington Square
San José, CA 95192

Also, you can reach us through our Facebook page and  Twitter,  or simply leave a comment on the website. Be sure to check the links in the right hand column. For the most instantaneous and personalized feedback, contact any Cabinet member in person. We can be found Monday through Thursday between 11:00AM to 4PM at the Akbayan table located on 7th St. Plaza.

President – Gerard Manay

Vice President – Caroline Clemente

Secretary – Breanne Familara

Treasurer – Justin Galvez

Community Affairs – Daniel Lazo

Cultural Chair – Carl Cortez

Social Chair – Julian Cagonot

Academics Chair – Kaleoaloha Wilson

PCN Coordinator – Christian Jerick Villanueva

KAAMP Coordinator – Marco Morillo

Internship Coordinator – Bernice Ignacio

Public Relations – Eina Reyes & Dylan Songkham

Media & Publications – Baotran Ton, Andre Ramirez & Rizzabel Nagar

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Akbayan SJSU is a non-profit organization. Performances can be requested and are free of charge, however, donations are encouraged for costume and prop maintenance as well as transportation costs. Since Akbayan is a student-based organization, not all performances are guaranteed. Please send in a performance request form to: within 2 months notice. Thank you!