In Case You Missed It: Job and Internship Workshop & Cab Election Update

[Apr 13 – 17]


On Monday, Char hosted the Job & Internship Workshop! Internship Specialist John Salangsang came in to talk about looking for internships and revamping your résumé. But first, the workshop started with an ice breaker, as usual. Intern Claire helped out and explained the game Heads Up! Using the app, Heads Up!, Claire’s phone was passed around to see how many correct answers everyone can get. Afterwards, Char and John gave members tips and tricks on looking and getting jobs. And to test the members, a game of Jeopardy was played. Everyone was broken up into groups of ten and the winners receive a ducky!

If ya didn’t know, Cabinet Elections, well nominations, are still going on! and here’s an update on candidates that have declared:

Public Relations Officers:

Carl Cortez

Jeren Penalosa

Anna Rada

Media & Pubs:

Derica Malaca

Nick Lee

Vincent Arce

Marisa Ignacio

Andrea Nuyda

PCN Coor:

Edgar Domingo

Noelle Campos

Bernice Ignacio

JP Sanchez


Ico Del Carpio

Necole Cayanan

Academics Chair:

Sandro Engo

Joyce Juniega

Cultural Chair:

Allison Fernandez

Community Chair:

Selena Flores

Gerard Manay

Alan Gouig

Social Chair:

Cassidy Tarng


 Jericho Lazo

Kristine Fernandez

Kassandra Tablan

Claire Cabatu

Gaby Despues


Raymond Domulot

You can still nominate others! Send in your nominations to



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