End of the year, end of the road.

This will probably be the last post from your 35th Cabinet Media & Publications Officers from 2011-2012. I just wanted to thank everyone for a memorable year. Capturing all these moments would have never been possible without every one of you coming out to our events. With that, I just wanted to wrap this post up by introducing and congratulating next year’s cabinet, as well as putting up a video done not by me, but one of next year’s media and publications officers Raymond Baltazar.

AkbayanSJSU 2012-2013 Cabinet

President – Arlo Trinidad
Vice President – Nea Nicolle Ignacio
Treasurer – Melissa Guirit
Secretary – Alan Jaro
Community Chair – Donita Battad
Cultural Chair – Ann Dela Cruz
Social Chair – Hidee Reyes
PCN Coordinator – Christian Borromeo
KAAMP Coordinator – Warren Modesto
Internship Coordinator – Joshua Cruz
Public Relations Officers – Aaron Asilo, Noelle Campos
Media & Publications Officers – Raymond Baltazar, Abegail Cariaso,
Jesse Barbon

*P.S. shout out to one of my predecessors Eric Abarabar, you should know why after reading this post.

-Alan Jaro
Media & Publications Officer