Vice President: Jericho Lazo

jericho2Wassup! My name is Jericho Lazo, and welcome to my world! I am a 4th year marketing major, part of Venture Fam, was a Dragon Intern, current aspiring merman and was a team lead for the school’s Frosh Orientation team over this past summer. But this school year I am Akbayan SJSU’s Vice President. Not only do I keep my cabinet in check and working as one team, I connect with our alumni. My goal is to help bring more alumni out to our events, and to create a network that will allow alumni to share opportunities with current general members. I’m a social butterfly, so please feel free to talk it up with me whenever you see me around. Well that’s all for now, get out me mom’s car! Vroom, vroom- Jericho.