Vice President: Caroline Clemente


What’s up, everyone!

My name is Caroline Clemente and I am your 2016-2017 Vice President. I’m a 4th year (ew) biology major with a minor in psychology, and I’m from the 51OHHH. Jk. Gross. I was a Prime intern a couple years back, and half of Akbayan’s Public Relations Officers with the 38th Element my second year of college. This organization has really helped me fall in love with San Jose State and has given me a second home. Sappy, I know.
I love vlogs, positivity, poke bowls (NOT poke balls, although I am on Team Mystic), and any hair products that promise to restore keratin back into my extremely dead and bleached hair LOL 0:) Also, do not get me started on YouTube videos and makeup. I could talk to you for an hour about Jaclyn Hill.
As you can see, I’m troll af – probably why I was placed into Venture Fam. Regardless, I’m so excited for this year! Please please pleaaasseeee feel free to come up to me and start a conversation. It’s about to be an insane year with you guys as we celebrate 40 years of AkbayanSJSU! Can’t wait to meet y’all :)