Treasurer: Marisa Ignacio

marissaHi everyone! My name is Marisa Ignacio and I am this year’s treasurer. It’s my fifth and final year here at San Jose State. I plan to graduate
with a BS degree in business marketing this spring!

A little about me: I’m from the Monterey Bay Area and I am a second generation Filipina/Japanese-American. I joined this organization originally to meet new people and get closer to my heritage. I’m in Venture Fam and I was a part of the Dragon Intern Class (2014-2015) my second year. In 2015, I served as a Media and Publications Officer with Akbayan’s 39th Cabinet, TYDE 39! Outside of Akbayan, I love spending time with family and seeing pretty places. I tend to smile a lot and I love lavendar-scented things. I have like five different nicknames and I am in constant need of iced coffee. If you see me around, say hi! I’m a quiet lil person, but I am friendly! Maybe we could talk about dogs or the fact that the ocean is the most beautiful thing ever.
Anyways, I hope to see you around! Feel free to ask me any questions regarding my position! As always, follow your heart, your brain, and make good choices! With Love, Maria. I mean Marisa.