Secretary: Benjamin Ryan ARR Perez

ben2Hello, everyone! My name is Benjamin Ryan ARR Perez (but you can call me Ben or Benji for short) and I am your Secretary for this academic year!

I am a 3rd year majoring in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Computer Electronics and Networking Technology. I’m from the 415 but was raised in the 650 – shout out to SF & Daly City!
I’ve been involved with Akbayan since I joined as a freshman back in Fall 2015. I’m part of Legendary fam and I was a Supreme intern two years ago. My favorite event would be KAAMP Revealing because it’s great to see all of the families reuniting and for new adings to meet their new kuyates!
Overall, my goal is to have a smooth and successful year filled with exciting opportunities for both new and old general members! I hope I can bring my visions to life and make my goal a reality for each and every one of you.
See you around!