Public Relations Officer: Jerick Mandapat

jerick3What’s good!! My name is Marco Jerick Mandapat, but I like to be called Jerick instead of Marco. The only people who call me Marco are my orthodontists lol. I am currently a second year, Pre-Nursing major from the city of American Canyon which is basically part of Vallejo, where I originally lived half of my life (707 say it backwardz). I LOVE to play basketball–it’s something I have been doing since fifth grade. If you ever wanna hoop, let me know! In addition, the way to my heart is food, so if you ever wanna hang out let’s go and get some! I’d honestly consider myself an easy-going guy, and I really do try my best to get along with others. I do not care if you are introverted or extroverted; I personally experienced both sides of the spectrum, so I truly will do my best to connect with each of you beautiful gen members!! Though I have only been a member of Akbayan for one full year, I have experienced a myriad of memorable adventures, befriended a ton of vibrant individuals, and, most importantly, discovered much more about myself as a person. God will always be first, family second, and academics third, as it always has been for as long as I could remember. Anyway, if you see me around, please greet me even if we’ve never talked or met! You have no idea how much I treasure people who go out of their way for others. Follow me on instagram and twitter! @mandabooty

See ya’ll around!