President: Daniel Lazo

daniel2Hello folks! My name is Daniel Lazo, and I am the President of Akbayan for 2017-2018. At SJSU, I am a graduating senior in the Advertising Creative route, minoring in Event Planning and Asian American Studies (I know— it’s a mouthful. I don’t know how they’re going to squish it into my degree). In Akbayan, I have participated in a majority of the events and programs— Luzonia Fam in KAAMP, 2 years of S.P.U.F. in FG, 3 years of PCN, and the 2016-2018 Community & Political Affairs Chair. I am also an organizer for L.E.A.D Filipino, a local organization focused on “cultural programs, research, and initiatives focused on increasing Filipin@ representation in public and civic leadership across our neighborhoods and communities.”

Besides being hella involved in my Pilipinx community, I’m born and raised in San Jose, and firmly express myself as a Pisces. When I’m away from school and Akbayan, I’m working at the City of San Jose in the Parks & Recreation Department (yes, it is very much like the television show). I absolutely love Pokémon— one of my favorites being Muk because of its beauty and toxic battle skills. Binging shows on Netflix and getting tattoos are my favorite hobbies. I am also a big foodie, so if you need recommendations for cheap and filling places in the Bay, DM me on Facebook or Twitter @dinomandaniel. Come vibe with me!