PCN Coordinator: Christian Jerick Villanueva

Hey y’all what’s up!? My name is Christian Jerick Villanueva. I am a fourth year Public Relations major with a minor in Theatre Arts and I am AkbayanSJSU’s PCN Coordinator for the year of 2016 and 2017! I was born in Manila, Philippines but I’ve lived in Hayward, California 3/4’s of my life. My interests include Boba, Musical Theatre, getting involved on campus, and social media. I love to hang out with my closest friends, perform for open mics, try out different eateries, and even having my own concerts inside the shower! My experience in this org has been like no other. I can truly say that I’ve found my second home here in Akbayan. From doing Friendship Games, PCN’s, to the Gen workshops.. my experience in Akbayan has taught me so much about my culture. It has been one of the reasons why I decided to run for this position, so I can give back the way Akbayan has given back to me. I am also a founding Kuya of the Proud Family, shoutout to the Prouds out there! A couple fun facts is that I’m in a fraternity called “Delta Sigma Phi,” and I am obsessed with Corgis and Tori Kelly. Catch the 29th Annual AkbayanSJSU’s PCN: Spring 2017!! Coming soon >:)