Media & Publications Officer: Roijethro Demetria

jetHey what’s good world the name is Roijethro Demetria, but I’m better known as Jeth. I’m a 2nd year Civil Engineering major who likes photography and art. My Instagram and Snapchat is @Genericjet and my Twitter is @Genericjett, btw my DMs are open. I’m a Gemini, a member of Smash Fam, and a Limitless Intern (‘16-’17) who is now the 2017-2018 Media and Publications officer. My favorite color is hot pink and I enjoy good company, good music, and good vibes. I also really love playing video games with friends and long hikes in nature. My goal for this year in Media is to give back to the organization that has given so much to me. I want to create media that attracts new general members and encourages old members to become active once again. I want to create long-lasting videos and take photos that the general members enjoy. I really hope to meet everybody this year and I hope it’ll be a wonderful year overall!