Media & Publications Officer: Rizzabel Nagar


Hi guys! My name is Rizzabel Nagar and I am 1/3 of your Media and Publications officers for the 2016-2017 school year :) I am currently a 2nd year business finance major and I joined Akbayan in Spring ’16, I was a Supreme Intern and I’m in Legendary fam! #LegendsDoItBest :P Aside from Akbayan, I love to dance and I’m on a team called Syndicate :) My other interests/hobbies include listening to music, watching cute dog videos and vlogs (esp. Claire Marshall and Jenn Im!!!), going on adventures, sleeping in and eating Korean bbq or cute desserts. HAHA. I’m excited to capture lots of great moments with you guys this year and can’t wait to meet y’all, don’t be shy to say hello!