Media & Publications Officer: Baotran Ton


Hai hai everyone! ^-^

My name is Baotran Ton and I am 1/3 of your Media and Publications officers for 2016-2017! I am currently a 3rd year with a major in ChAD and a minor in Interior Design. I know it’s very different huh? Welp with these two combined, I hope to work for Disney as career later on in life~

I really super duper love Disney. I love it so much that I go to Disneyland once a month lol. Actually there are a lot of things that I super duper like and obsess over haha. I am a very big fan of Pentatonix. I LOVE Harry potter. I can spend days at home watching KDramas. Follow me on Insta @baotranton because it’s basically my hobby haha.

If you can’t tell by now by my name, I am actually Vietnamese! So for anyone who is a bit hesitant about joining because you are not Filipino, then fret not! Akbayan welcomes all with big loving arms. Cheesy, know but it’s the truth! I joined Akbayan last year and I was a part of the Supreme Interns. And I am a part of LOL fam (LOL FAM VICTORY SCREECH!!!!!) Akbayan has made a big impact in my life and I hope it does to yours too ❤ I cannot wait to meet all of you, it’s going to be a great year!

Love you all, lets go get boba sometime okay?

-Baotran ❤