Internship Coordinator: Carl Cortez


carlHey everyone! What’s up? My name is Carl Cortez. I’m a 4th year Child and Adolescent Development Major, and I’m from San Jose, California. I’m a proud member of Gangsta Fam and last year, I served as Level 40’s Cultural Chair. This year, I’m so excited and honored to serve VIBE 41 as the Internship Coordinator! In the past few years here, I was a General Member, a Supreme Intern (’15-’16), and Cultural Chair (Level 40, ’16-’17) so I’ve pretty much done all the programs and attended a lot of major and minor Akbayan events. You could say I have a Minor in AkbayanSJSU, hahah! Anyway, I love hanging out with people, dancing, and just being myself (I like to think I’m hilarious). If you ever want to get to know me, you can find me almost always at the table or on social media! See you around!