Cultural Chair: Camille Kae Valerio

camilleHeyyyyyy! My name’s Camille Kae Valerio, I’m a 2nd year Business major, a Libra, a proud member of Venture Fam, a Limitless Intern (‘16-’17) and the 2017-2018 Cultural Chair! My favorite color is lavender and I really love to dance whether it be modern hip hop or cultural dance. I also really love pugs and pineapples. As Cultural Chair I love being able to teach the people around me what I learn about the Pilipinx culture and its history. Growing up, I wasn’t very aware of all the different aspects of my culture such as its myths, or the different suits of Pilipinx Cultural dance, so I do my best to research and educate myself so I can share it with others. Being apart of Akbayan has not only given me the opportunity to make so many new friends, but has motivated me to learn more about what it means to be Pilipinx-American.