Community & Political Affairs Chair: Daniel Lazo


YO! This is Daniel Lazo aka Akbayan’s 2016-2017 Community & Political (CoPo) Chair. Born and raised in the diverse Silicon Valley, I have always had a profound love for San Jose and the Pilipinx community. At SJSU, I am a third-year Advertising student minoring in Asian American Studies. First stepping foot into college, I found myself into the welcoming and empowering environment of Akbayan through Friendship Games, RAAP, and PCN. Through the KAAMP Program, I was humbled with the loving Luzonia fam. In addition to putting my focus in Akbayan, I am an active organizer in Anakbayan Silicon Valley and L.E.A.D. Filipino.

Feel free to get to know me on Twitter @dinomandaniel. Also, if you’re in Team Instinct (Fun Fact: I chose this team because I have a Zapdos tattoo) on Pokémon GO, let’s go catch em all!