XY Family

XY Family Tree Fall 2014
In 2007, Louie Almares started his attempt at a family by picking up Keith Sablad in the Fall and Ramil Seneris in the Spring.  The following year, he picked up Anthony Burlaza while Ramil picked up Caroline Cabrera in 2008.  2008 was a slow year for this family.  But in 2009, this family entered the school year with a determination to become closer and a KAAMP family to be respected.  Louie, Ramil, Anthony, and Caroline were finally able to name the family after sitting together for four hours; XY was born.  Throughout the 2009 – 2010 school year, XY had many accomplishments.  Adings such as Raymond Omega, Loreene Garcia, Timothy Santiago, and Joseph Tankeh were added.  XY was the first family to produce family shirts.  XY played a major role in Tech and Backstage for PCN that year.  But more importantly, XY formed a close bond with each other and would eventually act like a real family.  Today, XY has grown to be a large, close knit family, produced leaders, and have continued to emphasize the importance of school.

The following XY members have held leadership roles in Akbayan: 
Louie Almares:  Secretary, Treasurer
Ramil Seneris:  Friendship Games Core, PCN Core
*Ramil is also the President of the AIAA
Anthony Burlaza: PCN Tech & Backstage Director.
*Anthony has graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering in Spring 2011
Caroline Cabrera:  Vice President of Internal Affairs, KAAMP Coordinator, PCN Tech & Backstage Director, Friendship Games Core
Raymond Omega: Media & Publications Officer.
*Raymond was accepted into the SJSU Nursing Program in Fall 2011
Joseph Tankeh: Legit Intern
Joshua Cruz:  Legacy Intern, Public Relations Officer