Venture Family

venture fam

Founding Fathers

Venture Fam tree

Venture Fam was founded in 2011 by Kevin Candido, Matthew Aquino, Nate Villanueva, and Jerrold Ramiro. Four best friends met during PCN: Luzonia and decided to change the game up and start a new kaamp family, Venture Fam. Venture Fam’s motto is Take a Risk; as a fam we adventure and spontaneous trips whenever we are with each other. We like to hang out together, have family bbq and dinners, have game nights, basketball nights, and eat lunch or dinner with each other whenever people in the fam are free. To sum Venture Fam up, we are trolls. We like to troll everyone, every other kaamp fam, and troll each other. We are gamers, players, techies, leaders, musicians, singers, dancers, cookers, comedians, etc. We are friends, but we are first and foremost family. We do our best to make sure everyone in our family feels safe and welcome. We have won 1st in KAAMP Olympics not once, but twice, I believe…I can’t remember, because we don’t believe that we won, ourselves! Our usual go to eatery is RED ROBINS…..YUMMM; we have root beer float drinking contests whenever we go. This family can promise fun times and good memories to adings that a not chosen, but destined into this family.

-Kevin Candido

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