Entourage Family


The Entourage Family or Entourage Fam, as it is occasionally called is an Akbayan KAAMP family, was established in the Spring of 2009. The first family members were Jay Guillermo, Abby Marquez, and the original family head Ferdinand Luis. The three met and became close during their acting rehearsals for Akbayan’s 2009 PCN Samahan. The family is inspired by the three principles of the HBO television of Entourage: its portrayal of strong ever lasting friendships between friends, the belief of as long as you work hard good things will happen and of above all the mantra of work hard and play hard. This family is focused on supporting its members in all in its collegiate endeavors; promoting their educational, emotional, and social growth. Ultimately producing a eager and capable college graduate ready to take on the ever changing professional workforce. Today the Entourage Fam is one of the most ethnically diverse families in Akbayan furthering their belief of Good Life, Good People.

– written by Ferdinand Luis

Family Tree

Ferdinand LuisJay GuillermoJeng JaochicoRaymond YangAstrid Lucas——

Abby Marquez Crystal Andon Donald Phonseya Davith Kaing Samantha Manklang
Pia Rodil Miryem Khanaka
  • Gabby Santiago
  • Sandy Huynh