[Kuya Ate Ading Mentorship Program]

Kuya = older brother
Ate = older sister
Ading = younger sibling
Mentor = trusted guide and advisor

KAAMP History:

Akbayan’s Kuya/Ate Ading Mentorship Program (recently known as KAAMP) started in 1995 as an outreach program for Pilipino youth, focused on teaching Pilipino culture and social/political issues; lessons evolved into an after-school program that collaborated with the Filipino Youth Coalition (FYC). KAAMP restarted on campus in 2003 and aimed to create lasting bonds among Akbayan members, old and new, as well as welcome and orient newer members to college life. Members who wanted to be mentors applied to become Kuyas or Ates while members who wished to be mentored applied to become Adings. Family bonds established among members and created lasting relationships built on strong foundations of compatibility. By the end of Spring 2004, KAAMP became a permanent facet of the organization.

Various unexclusive events developed within the last three years to emphasize on academics and fellowship such as weekly KAAMP Study Nights, Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners, ice skating and bowling nights. KAAMP expanded its program in 2005 to serve as Kuyas and Ates for high school students. This year, KAAMP will not stray from its roots; we will bring our outreach to more high schools in the local district. Informative academic workshops will be arranged for those who are struggling with the transition into college. With plans to reinforce proactivity in the future, the Kuya/Ate Ading Mentorship Program will strive to develop a sense of purpose and belonging into an organization that will lead its members to academic success and maybe even continue the organization as their own.


Listed below are the KAAMP families that include  background information, a family tree, and notable members in the family. If your family isn’t listed below or want to update your fam page, then please email media@akbayansjsu.org !

Past KAAMP Events:

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Interested in KAAMP?  Want more information about it? Then, contact our KAAMP Coordinator at kaamp@akbayansjsu.org !