Friendship Games


Friendship Games is an annual event hosted by Cal State University Fullerton in October entailing fun, games, and friendly competition.  It is a day that embraces Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship between Filipino-American Organizations throughout California, and surrounding states (you don’t need to be Filipino to go though!). Out of all the events that Akbayan hosts, Friendship Games is considered one of the most memorable.  Through the preparation of Friendship Games and the actual weekend of, you meet hundreds of people and develop lasting friendships.  At times, friendships are even rekindled.


2015: Convicts





2014: Ghostbusters





2013: Sharks


Won 1st Place

2012: Vikings


Won 2nd Place

2011: Royal Rumble


2010: Zombieland


“If I had to describe the feeling of Friendship Games for SJSU, the first word that comes to mind is glory.  For the past two years Akbayan has represented San Jose State University in full force.  Two years ago we claimed 2nd place in SPUF and battled to the top for the coveted 1st place in Games out of over 30 colleges and universities.  Less than ten years ago Akbayan went to Friendship Games with a mere 20 people.  Last year we rolled down with over 150 people.  This year we going to role ever deeper and we’re hungry for two trophies.  If you’ve never experienced greatness or even if you crave it, this is your chance.  Going to Friendship Games, you can truly be part of something great.  And it is a guarantee that it is an experience that will long be forgotten.

In 2010, San Jose State rolled down to Fullerton with the theme of Zombies. We SPUFed hard, played the Games to the best of our abilities, and in the end we came out on top with double trophies. San Jose State is the first Northern California school to win both trophies in Friendship Games history.” –

Here are some videos from that day:

2009: Spartania

2008: Rock Band


2007: 300

 Friendship Games 268

 2006: Ninja Turtles