Bataan Memorial Hike:


  • A group of people  hike up to Mission Peak to reflect upon history
  • This is to represent the Bataan Death March in spring of 1942.
  • This is known as the march that leads to one’s demise.
  • The Bataan Death March in 1942 was when the United States and Filipino forces fought the Japanese Imperial Army.
  • Filipino’s who were prisoners had to do a 60 miles walk to the Japanese POW camp.
  • The conditions were bad as famine, hygiene, weather conditions and abuse made the trip difficult.
  • People who could not continue faced death and the floor underneath them was their burial.
  • Akbayan held this marching event to honor and cherish the fallen that have sacrificed their lives for the United States.


Candlelight Vigil:


  • An outside activity involving a group of people with candles held outside during a sunset.
  • This activity is used to support a cause or anything major for a person or a group of people who can relate to.
  • Akbayan has done a Candlelight Vigil in the month of October for the Filipino Community.
  • October is the month for Filipinos because it is their History month hence why they participate in a Candlelight Vigil.
  • The support is mostly regarding the righteous deeds of World War II Veterans.
  • There are also other activates to this event such as historic education regarding Filipinos, spoken word, songs and special guests.
  • Other organizations around in SJSU also help set up the event.

Open Mic:



RAAP Conference:

Raap (Raising Awareness Amongst Pilipinos)

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