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35180112294_8eb6cbe058_o41st Cabinet – (Not Pictured: KAAMP Coordinator, Academics Chair, CoPo Chair)

July 19

Akbayan has proposed to amend its constitution to raise the general membership fee from $20 to $30. The extra funding will enable us to invest more into our programs and events in order to improve them. On top of that, the raised fee will help our members make more of a commitment to Akbayan and encourage them to devote more time to the programs and events that comprise our organization. In order to balance out the higher price of membership, fees for other programs (PCN, Friendship Games, etc.) will be reduced. Since Akbayan is rapidly growing in popularity and recognition, we believe that the quality of what we have to offer must reflect that.

A Google Hangout will be publicly held to discuss any questions or concerns you may have on August 2nd at 7PM. For a more detailed look at the constitution and its proposed amendments, feel free to click the link below!

Akbayan Constitution

April 3rd – April 6th 

KAAMP Spirit Week was held from April 3rd to April 6th, throughout the entire week there were opportunities for fams to win Spirit Points that would count towards the family’s ability to win KAAMP Spirit Week Champion!

There were two ways families were able to earn points for their fam throughout the week, and it was to do the photo challenge or to play in the mini games that were held at the Akbayan table.

Opportunity #1: Photo Challenge
Monday –
Fam Pride: wear your Fam apparel, rep it with pride. Each photo with the hashtags #KAATCHINGFIRE2017 AND #FAM_NAME, earns one Spirit Point
Tuesday –
Color Wars/Pigment Pals/Hue Homies: Fams pick different colors to represent and each member must all wear that color for the picture. Each photo with the hashtags #KAATCHINGFIRE2017 AND #FAM_NAME, earns one Spirit Point
Wednesday –
Game Day theme: dress up in athletic gear (sweatbands, gym shorts, etc.) and match with at least 5 people from your fam. Each photo with the hashtags #KAATCHINGFIRE2017 AND #FAM_NAME, earns one Spirit Points
Thursday –
Kaatch These Fams: Battle photo, take a pic with another fam (group or individual) like it’s press photo of Fams facing off. Each photo with the hashtags #KAATCHINGFIRE2017 AND #FAM_NAME, earns three Spirit Points

Opportunity #2: Activities

At the table there were quick minute to win it games for people to play and for every family member that succeeds at the game the family would be awarded 1 Olympic point. Every Akbayan general member was only allotted one chance to win.

Monday- Movin’ On Up
Each contestant is given a specific time period of 30 seconds to continuously move the stack of cups of the same color from bottom to the top until the cup of a different color is at the bottom. If completed before time ends, one Spirit Point
Tuesday- Cookie Face
Put a cookie on the forehead, then move it to the mouth using face muscles! If the cookie dropped, then unfortunately it was game over :( If completed, one Spirit Point
Wednesday- Bottle Flip
Flip all three bottles within 3 tries per bottle. Each bottle successfully flipped within the tries, one Spirit Point
Thursday- Rock, Paper, Scissors
They would  play a Cabinet Member or Interrn at the Akbayan table. The participant who won a best of three, earned one Spirit Point

April 4th 

We held another General workshop for the semester and this time it was “Pilipino Instruments General Workshop”. Because we are in the PCN season, we wanted to provide the general members a place where they could learn more in depth about filipino folk music and the instruments that are used in the production! The general workshop focused on what each instrument is, its purpose, and the history of filipino folk music. We had a special guest, Mandy Dragon, who came in and taught us how to play each instrument. And next thing you know there was a full on mini band that formed during the workshop!! Everyone was having fun and jamming with each other ^-^

April 8th

On Saturday, April 8th, we had a record breaking number of people in attendance at our KAAMP Olympics. With over 100 people there, everyone was fully involved in the new games that were introduced this year. Our games this year was mostly a test of physical strength and endurance that included Threat the Needle, Human Table, Human Horseshoe, Orange Necking, and Tug of War. Despite the rain and hail going on and off during the middle of the games, it was not a problem as fam members pulled through! In third place we had a tie between Fancy and XY, in second place we had the Leftovers, and in first place, the winner was Gangsta Fam! Congratulations to the winners of KAAMP Olympics and everyone that participated!

April 12th 

On Tuesday, April 12th our Limitless Interns held their first workshop on the history of PCN in honor of PCN season! This workshop covered the evolution of PCN and how it has become the large, well executed event it is today. From skits and purely a showcase of talents it has formed into an elaborate showcase with overarching themes. This workshop also included guest speakers of past PCN Coordinators and Script writers such as Mia Guevara (PCN Coordinator: Laban), Edgar Domingo (PCN Coordinator: Heaven Escapes Her), and Jonathan Juntado (Luzonia and Killer Queen Writer). We were also surprised with Jonathan sharing digital copies of Luzonia and Killer Queen (which may be found on the @AkbayanInterns Twitter). A PCN ticket was a game prize from the trivia game in the workshop and was won by Alex Andres!


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