ICYMI: Sacred Heart, Open Mic, Ading Mixer, and Pilipinx: Behind The “X” General Workshop

On February 25th, we volunteered at Sacred Heart in order to give back to the community. Sacred Heart is a respected and innovative provider of programs that assists families with achieving lifelong economic self-sufficiency and a grassroots organizing network that addresses the root causes and consequences of poverty.

The day started at Joe West and we all caravan-ed to Sacred Heart. When we got there we were separated from the larger group to work on separate sections because there was just that many. In our groups, we packed food in an assembly line style. The food we eventually packed would help those affected by the floods. Before break time, we were very hard working and some even broke a sweat. Everyone was cheering on and encouraging each other. By the break we were pretty tired but we knew we could do more.

After the break they told us that we were ahead of schedule so we were more relaxed and we started to have fun with it. We began playing that one game were we sing songs with a certain lyric back and forth while we were packing. Everyone had a smile on this time and we got very close to finish packing all the food we were given. After everyone felt very accomplished and ecstatic that our hard work would go help those in need during a troubling time. After the event, most of us went to the Plant to eat and bond a bit before heading our separate ways.


Our first Open Mic was held on February 28th, and for the first time EVER, we had Open Mic at Thirst Tea!! Performances and boba!<3  We had performances from: Andy Rosales, Fabian Rico, Bryan Truong, David Ngo, Marielle Marino, Leninah Janele Reyes, Brandon Ramos, Danielle Lozada, Roger Pacilan, Lindsay Case, Vince Bualoy, Kaithlynn Sarmiento, Julie Cortez, Christian Jerick Villanueva, Audrey Reyes, and Level 40.  It wasn’t soon before over 40 people squeezed into Thirst Tea for a night of singing and performances.


To view more pictures, make sure to visit our Flickr! https://www.flickr.com/photos/akbayansjsu/albums

About a week ago on March 1st, we held our spring Ading Mixer. This event is made for the new adings who getting picked up this spring! The purpose of the event is for the new adings to have a chance to meet the Fams within the KAAMP program, to learn what the program has to offer and to learn about the values that each Fam has. People played good talk, bang, ninja, and socialized! Later on, each group of adings were able to go around to meet fam reps/ members to learn more about the fam and such.


Look at all those new beautiful faces!! We are all very excited for yalls! ^-^ Just a reminder that KAAMP Revealing is coming up this week on March 16th! Also a big thank you for KAAMPFire Core for all your hard work you guys have been putting in. Thank you so so much for everything yalls do for this program.

On March 2nd, we held our 3rd general workshop, Pilipinx: Behind The “X” General Workshop. The topic we covered was on why some organizations and even people refer to themselves as Pilipinx/Pilipinx-Americans, the meaning behind the “x,” what it encompasses, how it affects you and those around you, and so much more. We did a little star activity to given everyone a chance to feel for these real life situations. And then we ended the workshop with people sharing their experience and their thoughts.

We want to thank all those who attended this workshop and would just like to say that
Akbayan, Pilipino-American Organization at San Jose State University, welcomes all walks of life, regardless of race, religion, sex, color, creed, ancestry, citizenship status, national origin, military status, veteran status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, or any other characteristics. We will always be here for you guys, you will always have this community supporting you <3


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