In Case You Missed It : PCN Movie Night, PCN Workshops, and Pilipino Cooking General Workshop

On February 10th, we had our yearly PCN Movie Night event.  We rewatched our 27th annual PCN, Laban. The following is the synopsis of Laban: Laban in Tagalog means fight. Maria and Ricardo’s story begins a little before the 4 day EDSA Revolution in the Philippines, but carries on into it. Their families bring them into the revolution, yet separating one another by their opposing sides. Maria’s family are Aquino supporters while Ricardo’s family supports Marcos. However, their involvement with the revolution doesn’t keep them apart; it brings them closer together. Day by day they fight for peace, freedom, and most importantly their love proving that with the right kind of fight or laban, tomorrow is guaranteed.

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And the following week, we held multiple workshops for the upcoming PCN season. These workshops were meant to be a preview of what PCN would be like and it also gave our gen members a chance to try all different aspects.

For acting workshop, everyone was given a list that was filled with monologues that they could pick from to perform in front of everyone. Everybody was given about 10-15 minutes to either practice on their own or with each other for their chosen pieces. And then at the end, everyone came together and got the chance to perform their pieces.

For band they went over transitional songs between scenes and get an overall understanding how band is going to work this season. They went over how super sundays work and how we fit into the show. The song they learned was Valerie and they worked with choir for this piece.

Contemporary choreographed a short piece with the song “You & Me by Disclosure (Flume Remix)”. The purpose of this piece was to stray from the typical slow tempo and dramatic mood that most contemporary dances are known for, but to show our gen members the upbeat and fierce side of contemporary dance and how fun it can be. Modern workshop taught a fun piece to a throwback song that our parents and older audience members can relate to.

For choir activities that were done were all music related and very interactive, so they started off our workshops with singing ice breakers to get everyone comfortable and to create a fun and engaged atmosphere. Then went on to several vocal exercises, ran through the American and Filipino national anthems to get everyone acquainted with them, and then worked “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse, ending the night with that song in collaboration with band.

Carl and Jerred taught the first Cultural Dance Workshop for Spring Semester on February 8! This will be Carl’s 3rd PCN, and 2nd year directing. This will be Jerred’s 2nd PCN, and 1st year directing. They taught an excerpt from the Bagobo Rice Cycle dance from the Bagobo Tribe in Mindanao. This is a Tribal Suite which emphasizes and focuses on a bountiful harvest.

Allison and Dominique taught the second Cultural Dance Workshop on February 13! This will be Allison’s 5th PCN with Akbayan, and 4th year directing. This will be Dominique’s 3rd PCN, and 1st year directing. They taught Bumayah Uyauy from the Ifugao Tribe in the northern mountain region. This is a Mountain Suite which celebrates a thanksgiving to their god Kabunian.

Clarissa and Patrick taught the last Cultural Dance Workshop on February 15! This will be Clarissa’s 4th year directing and Patrick’s 4th PCN, and 1st year directing. They taught Subli, a popular dance in Batangas. This is a Barrio Suite which honors the holy cross through lively music and movement.

On February 16th, we held our first general workshop of the Spring semester. It was a Pilipino Cooking tutorial with alumni Kevin Candido. The dishes that were taught was how to make are Pilipino & American fusion with an affordable twist: Lumpia Pizza. And then it was followed by  a live demo of how to make college-style Halo-halo. Everyone was able to get a yummy sample of both items and they were able to learn more about Filipino foods/ cooks. For everyone who came out, we hope you had a great time!

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