In Case You Missed It: Rush Week, Open House, & Spring Kick off Picnic

Welcome back and happy spring semester!! We have many things planned for you this semester and we hope you are all ready for what is in store for you! We began the semester off with rush week. So what is ‘rush week’? Every semester we table and offer information to those who wish to join Akbayan. We answer any questions that anyone may have and we had updated scrapbooks in which people can see what the org has to offer. Along with that, we had a spinning wheel at the table, where it gave everyone a chance to win raffle tickets for prizes at open house.


Monday’s theme for rush week was ‘Welcome Back’, and this was just a fun day for everyone to see each other at the table again. We had little goodie candy bags for the general and new interested members to have. Tuesday was PCN apparel day and a lot of people were seen wearing their HEH shirts, to show off their spirit for PCN season ^-^. Wednesday was a crossword activity! And all the terms on the crossword were Akbayan related and whoever completed the crossword was able to win prizes such as raffle tickets, candy, and pencils. And then Thursday’s theme was Akbayan apparel and photo booth day!

Thursday was also the big day of our spring open house! It was held in the Student Union Ballroom. This gave a chance for people who are interested in joining to learn more about the organization and what it has to offer. It also gave a great chance for a reunion for the current gen members to see each other and such. Open house started off with the introduction of this years cabinet, Level 40. And  just in case you missed it (haha), here is the introductory video that played at open house.

Open House continued with raffles and people got really excited because who wouldn’t be?? There were different themed baskets that had all sorts of goodies in them and we gave a chance for someone to win a PCN ticket!!


A lot of events happened at Open House, such as playing Petra as an ice breaker, and then getting to see a trailer for the Spring PCN!! (ooooo exciting i know!!!) This can be found on the IG account of : sjsupcn29. Follow this account to follow the journey for our 29th annual PCN and to make sure you don’t miss anything for the big show!!

On Saturday, Feb 4th, our kick off picnic was held at Flickinger park! Despite having a little bit of rain, everyone still had a great time at this event. We started off by giving out Gen member tshirts and then we went into ice breakers.

Everyone got a chance to learn a little about everyone who attended, such as name, year, and what they are excited about for the semester. We had some very yummy BBQ skewers for lunch and we continued the day with playing board games and basketball.



Overall the whole day was just filled with great vibes and it was a good chance for new people to meet and for old friends to catch up. This may be the last picnic for the year, but there is much more to look forward to so don’t worry if you feel like you’re missing out!! And a big thank you for all of those who came out, hope yalls had a great time and we can’t wait to see you again soon <3

 (check out below for all great things that are happening/ happening soon!!)



Interested in doing PCN? Then make sure to not miss any of our workshop dates! Have any questions or concerns about PCN? Then contact


Never been in a PCN and wanna see what it is like? Or do you wanna just re-live Akbayan’s 27th annual PCN?! Come out this Friday SU Meeting Room 3 and watch the 27th PCN production, Laban. For more info or questions email


Payments have begun!! All the prices are listed above and if you have any questions shoot our treasurer an email at!


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