Akbayan SJSU’s Open House Spring 2017

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a great winter break! You know what is coming up?? ITS OUR OPEN HOUSE!!!


Welcome in the new school semester with us at our Open House! Meet fellow general members, learn about the events we have planned for the semester and of course we can’t forget about PCN!!

We’ll also be introducing the 2016-2017 Cabinet and will be giving away door prizes, which will be announced soon!

Feel free to add your friends to the event page and stay posted on all of our updates. Everyone is welcome!

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/367658856938050/

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Want to know more about Akbayan?
Add us on Facebook or Instagram: @AkbayanSjsu
What is Akbayan SJSU?
Akbayan means, “Embracing in Friendship.” Along with the SJSU community, other universities, the Filipino community, and the larger community, we strive to increase our knowledge of the Pilipino/Pilipino-American culture and share the beauty of the heritage.

Akbayan started out with a group of Pilipino/Pilipino-American college students from SJSU gaining consciousness about their heritage and culture. The group was inspired to create an organization based on the Pilipino/Pilipino-American culture. In 1976, Akbayan was born. Initially, it started out as a social group where Filipinos had a chance to meet new people. Over the years, it has evolved to become an organization concerned with cultural and community concepts as well.

***Akbayan SJSU is not affiliated with any local, state, national, or international organization. Any organization that may share this name is coincidence and should not be believed to be associated with Akbayan SJSU***

For any questions, comments or concerns, please contact president@akbayansjsu.org


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