Thank You and Happy Holidays!!

A big thank you to all of our general members for a great fall semester! It was definitely a semester to remember. All of our accomplishments would have not been possible without you guys.

A message of gratitude from some of our cabinet members:

“Hi everyone!!
I hope this past fall semester went well for y’all! I just want to personally thank each and every one of you for making these past couple months what it was. We could barely fit everyone inside the SU Ballroom at Open House, we constantly filled up the rooms at Info Nights and General Workshops, we brought home TWOOO trophies from Friendship Games, completely sold out for Winter Formal – and that’s not even all of it. You are the reason Akbayan is what it is. If you’re reading this and not sure whether to come out to future events, just give it a try! PCN is coming up and is a favorite memory of the year for so many of our members. As an older member of Akbayan, the best advice I’ve ever heard and can pass along is “You get what you put into it.” I know I sound like a (cool) mom and all, but whether this be one of your first or last active semesters, try new things with an open mind and make the most of your college experience. I can’t wait to finish out this academic year with y’all and make even more memories. By the way, please come up to me and say hi if we haven’t met yet – I PROMISE I’M NICE AND I WANT TO MEET EVERYONE! :)))
& to Level 40, words cannot express how much I adore you all and how immensely proud I am of how far we’ve come. Let’s KILLLLLLL IT this next semester.”
– Vice President, Caroline Clemente

“Hey Akbayan! What’s up? I just want to thank each and every one of you, and congratulate you all on an extremely successful semester! It truly meant a lot to see you all attend (and enjoy) our huge events like MaBOOhay, Friendship Games, and RAAP, as well as participating in our KAAMP and Internship Programs, and last, but not least, attending the workshops hosted by the Pillars. For those of you who are new, I encourage you to become/stay active – soak in as much as you can. For those of you who’ve been here a while and know what’s up, encourage those around you. I guarantee you Akbayan has a lot more to offer, you just have to dig a little deeper. Thank you for allowing Akbayan, Level 40, and myself, to inspire and educate you. If you thought Fall was awesome/crazy, Spring is on a whole new level. I wish you a happy holidays and happy new year! Enjoy your break!” – Cultural Chair, Carl Cortez 

“To our beloved general members, THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Thanks for an incredible semester. We are so overwhelmed with joy at the continuous positive response and we hope you know how grateful we are for the opportunity to be a part of your Akbayan experience. Y’all make every ounce of work and effort that goes into our events and programs, SO worth it. This is all for you! Thank you for believing in us.”
-Internship Coordinator, Bernice Ignacio 

“Hello Gen Members!! Just want to say to you all thank you very much for a an amazing and memorable semester. It makes us happy to see all your faces come out to our events and to see this organization continue to grow! Enjoy the holidays with your family! See you all next spring for what is shaping up to be another great semester!”
– President, Gerard Manay 

“Hello Gen Members, as it was said on facebook, you have a chance to win a large tsum tsum!! yes!! What do you have to do?! The first person to find Media Officer Bao Tran and says “Adventure is out there!!!” to her at the table next semester, will get the large tsum tsum! Now good luck finding her next semester!”

“Wsup gen members! On behalf of the promotions board, we’d love to thank y’all for a wonderful semester. There’s honestly no way to thank all of you guys for such an amazing semester. We accomplished so much, from big or little events, and we couldn’t do it without y’all! Quick shout to those who follow us on our social media, and like all those post or fave our tweets! But if you aren’t following us, it’s @akbayansjsu to see those beautiful fliers and tweets! We hope to see you guys next semester!  ❤
– Public Relation Officer, Dylan Songkham 

“Hey everyone,
Happy Holidays from your Cultural, Community & Political, Social, and Academic Chairs! It’s been a crazy semester, but we couldn’t be more happy to help spread knowledge and give everyone new opportunities. We got plans for a whole new semester coming up for you. Stay tuned because your pillars will continue to raise the roof. Woot woot.”
-Academics Chair, Kaleo Wilson 

Now lets all take a look back at this semester!

Fall Recap Video

KAAMP Recap Video

Friendship Games Recap Video

Once again thank you so much for an amazing semester, and we hope to see you all spring for all the fun things we have planned for you.

Hope everyone has an amazing break and we can’t wait to see your beautiful faces next semester~


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