Summertime Happiness

Yay for summer!

Congratulations again to all the graduates, thank you for your hard work and dedication to our school and organization. We will miss you very much!

For those of you who haven’t graduated yet, keep on pushing. But for now take the time to relax now that it’s summer B-). Whether you’re working, taking summer classes, traveling abroad, or more we hope you’re still embracing in friendship whereever you are! hehe stay cute pls.

Before you miss it, here are next year’s leaders. Presenting, AkbayanSJSU’s 40th Cabinet!

President: Gerard Manay

Vice President: Caroline Clemente

Secretary: Breanne Familara

Treasurer: Justin Galvez


Academic Chair: Kaleo Wilson

Community and Political Affairs Chair: Daniel Lazo

Cultural Chair: Carl Cortez

Social Chair: Julian Cagonot


Internship Coordinator: Bernice Ignacio

KAAMP Coordinator: Marco Morillo

PCN Coordinator: Christian Villanueva


Media and Publications Officers: Andre Ramirez, Baotran Ton, and Rizzabel Nagar

Public Relations Officers: Dylan Songkham and Eina Reyes


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