In Case You Missed It: AKcommUNITY Retreat, Open Mic, and End of the Year Banquet

Happy Finals SZN!!!

Hope you are all studying hard and killing those finals ;) don’t forget to eat, drink water, and SLEEP. Or maybe sleep after finals because of those all-nighters…just kidding. Make sure you stay well-rested, the end is nigh! We just had our last full week of events for this year can you believe it?! Well let’s recap one more time shall we?

>> May 7 – 14 <<

On Saturday (5/7), your Community and Political Affairs chairs, Selena and Gerard hosted a retreat event for general members to bond with each other. The event was at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church which was right across from campus so a lot of people were able to walk over together. It was a day filled with fun, games, ice breakers, and more. There was even a handshake challenge to see which pair could come up with the coolest handshake! The winners of that were Cassidy Tarng and Rupert Espinosa (you can watch their handshake on our Instagram, @akbayansjsu).

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To view more pictures from AKcommUNITY retreat, click here.

On Tuesday (5/10) we had our last open mic of the semester hosted again by Gerard and Selena. They wanted it to be the biggest open mic ever they sure got what they wanted! It wasn’t soon before over 100 people squeezed into Spartan Chapel for a night of singing and performances. Kuya’s and ate’s performed alongside their ading’s to get some KAAMP points which would go towards fam of the year. Plus there was a surprise hula dance performance!

To view more pictures from open mic, click here.

Saturday (5/14) was the highly anticipated End of the Year Banquet and it was hosted by this year’s intern class, they call themselves the Supreme Interns. It was luau themed so everyone came in their best floral shirts and dresses, and looked super tourist-y! The venue was Seven Trees Community Center and it a huge room with a stage for the DJ to play music while people entered.


Of course before you entered, there was a form to fill out for superlatives such as ‘best dressed’ and ‘best hair’. Also, the rule was no entree no entry which meant everyone had to bring a dish to feed at least 7 people. There was pizza, chicken, rice, and of course no banquet is complete without a lechon!!! Throughout the night people ate, talked, and took pictures at the photo booth with a whole bunch of props including grass skirts, signs, and floaties!

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To view more pictures from banquet, click here.

After, there were a couple of performances including APM, Jenirose and Ella May, and of course the interns dance! APM looked awesome and cool as always, and Jenirose performed a solo hula dance before being joined by Ella May in performing as a duo. The interns dance stomped the dance floor away and we have a video of them right here for your convenience!


Soon it was time to announce superlatives and they are as followed:

Gen members of the month/year:

February: Christian Aquino

March: Sheila Pham

April: Bradley Monterola

May: Brandon Fores

Gen member of the Year: Lindsay Case

KAAMP Superlatives:

Akbayan Pride: Smash Fam

Fam Pride: L O L Fam

Most Improved: XY Fam

Fam of the Year: Luzonia

Pair of the Year: Alan Gouig, Matthew Dumanig, and Jenna Edra

PCN Superlatives:

PCN All-Star: Angelo Banzon

Now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Who got elected?! Well the votes are in, say hello to Akbayan’s 40th Cabinet, congratulations!

President: Gerard Manay

Vice President: Caroline Clemente

Secretary: Breanne Familara

Treasurer: Justin Galvez

Academics Chair: Kaleo Wilson

Community & Political Affairs Chair: Daniel Lazo

Cultural Chair: Carl Cortez

Social Chair: Julian Cagonot

Internship Coordinator: Bernice Ignacio

KAAMP Coordinator: Marco Morillo

PCN Coordinator: Christian Villanueva

Public Relations Officers: Eina Reyes and Dylan Songkham

Media and Publications Officers: Rizzabel Nagar, Andre Ramirez, and Baotran Ton

After announcing the new cabinet, a PCN highlights video was played to recap what happened on show day as well as a video that recapped the entire year, which was a great way to end the night. Thank you to those who came out to our events this year, we hope y’all had fun, made memories, but most importantly embraced in friendship :). From gen workshops to Friendship Games to PCN thanks for sticking with us, you’re hella awesome. That’s all for now, thanks for reading me and we’ll see you soon! H.A.G.S. hehe.

Signing off,

T.Y.D.E. 39

As always, stay wavy forever :’)




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