In Case You Missed It: General Workshops, the 28th Annual PCN, and more!

Hello hello! With the school year coming to a close end, a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Let’s recap shall we? :)

>> April 16-23 <<

On Saturday (4/16), we held our KAAMP Olympics and everyone repped their fam’s and competed against each other to try to get the most KAAMP points. The family with the most KAAMP points gets awarded “fam of the year”, which will be announced at the End of the Year Banquet on May 14th, hosted by the 2015-2016 “Supreme” Interns. There were lots of games played, including a watermelon eating contest! Alliances were created, friendships were made, and everyone had a good time! At the end of the day, FamSilog won first place, with Smash Fam coming in with a close 2nd. But hey, we’re ALL winners at heart ;)

On Thursday (4/21), your fellow media and publications officers held their first general workshop ever with the help of cultural chair, Adrian Bautista. There was a great turnout and people came, interested in learning more about local Filipino artists and the stigma that’s associated with pursuing a career in the arts. People such as Lea Salonga and Dante Basco were used as examples of Filipino-American artists.

We also had a special guest speaker and they just so happened to be our headliner from this year’s Ma”boo”hay talent showcase. IT WAS ASTRALOGIK!!! WOOOO! They came in and talked about the hardships that come with pursuing a career in music and also shed light on other forms of art. They even performed a short lil’ medley talking about music and their past experiences. After, they provided an activity and had everyone in the room draw something they had a passion for.

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To view more pictures from this workshop, click here.

>> April 23-30 <<

This was it. PCN HELL WEEK! Everyone was grinding and hustling at practice to make sure that the show would run smoothly on show day. All those late night practices weren’t for nothing though, as we sold out BOTH shows. That’s a total of 1000 tickets gone…wow! This year’s Pilipino Cultural Night “Heaven Escapes Her” was held at the Mexican Heritage Plaza, a place that veteran cast members hold close to their hearts because that was where most of them performed for their first time, and now this was their last PCN.

and then it was show day…

Everyone arrived at the venue, ready to perform in front of their families and friends. Amongst the dressing rooms and the stage, cast members were bonding with each other taking pictures, laughing, and practicing together. Before they all knew it, doors opened and seats began to fill up quickly!



Araw – played by Dominique Guevara (left), and her brother Lapu Lapu – played by Brandon Fores (right).


Ferdinand Magellan – played by Jared Hebert (left), and Alonzo – played by Jeren Penalosa (right).

Thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to the cast for participating in this year’s PCN. Whether it was your first or last PCN, we hope it’s been nothing but a memorable and awesome experience. Thank you to COREstillation for directing the dances, finding practice venues, and more. Last but not least, thank you to our PCN Coordinator Edgar Domingo for making all of this possible. We couldn’t be happier to see your vision come to life!


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To view more pictures from PCN, click here.

>> May 2 – 6 <<

On Wednesday, we held a music and arts showcase at Philz Coffee, called Akbayan “Unplugged”. There, art created by our general members was put on display at the coffee shop and a small ‘stage’ area was set up for volunteers who signed up to perform. From singing to spoken word, everyone gathered around and enjoyed good vibes while sippin’ on some coffee!

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To view more pictures from Akbayan “Unplugged”, click here.

Thursday was our last general workshop (wehhhh) and it was gen member appreciation day! Basically, TYDE 39 showed their appreciation by thanking everyone for being a part of AkbayanSJSU and each cab member said a lil’ something nice. There was pizza for everyone and they all watched recap videos from this year highlighting events such as KAAMP Revealing, Friendship Games, RAAP”boo”hay, and more!



This upcoming Tuesday we will be holding our last Open mic for the semester so come out and support those who are performing! If you’re interested in performing sign this google form. See you at Spartan Chapel on May 10th at 6 PM!



It’s almost the end of the year which means our annual End of the Year Banquet is coming up! This year’s theme is Luau-style so come in with your lei’s and tourist-y looks. It’ll be at Seven Trees Community Center from 6 – 10 PM and don’t forget, NO ENTREE NO ENTRY.


Voting begins this week from May 9 – 12 so stop by the Akbayan Table (7th street plaza, Mon-Thurs 11-4 PM) and vote for Akbayan’s 2016-2017 cabinet.

Watch the candidates’ debates here.

Watch the candidates’ speeches here.*

*Individual speeches will be posted soon.




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