ICYMI: Meet the Cabinet, Pilipino Cultural Dance Workshop, and Bataan Memorial Hike

April 4th-10th

Last week the weather was all over the place… it was in the eighties to nineties throughout the week until it started raining on Thursday. Weird, right? Lol, but enough about the weather.

On Monday, our social chair Cassidy Tarng and president Mia Guevarra held Meet the Cabinet. This was a chance for gen members and cab alike to sit down and talk with various positions. Here they were able to get an idea about what each position entails and advice on campaigning/running for cabinet. It was nice to see some surprising faces out there! Also shout out to all the alumni that attended!

The Supreme Interns hosted an ice cream float fundraiser on Wednesday! They were 1 for $1.50 or 2 for $2 aka everyone was carrying around two the entire day. Congratulations to the interns for another successful fundraiser.

Pass by two days, and the Supreme Interns held their first general workshop on Thursday! Here they explained each cultural suite in PCN: maria clara, barrio, southern islands, tribal, and mountain. We then split up into groups to learn an eight count of each suite. Each group performed in front of the classroom at the end of the workshop. It was like a mini pre-pcn show :’)26249816851_5087a295e9_z

On Saturday, we headed out to Morgan Hill and out to Uvas Canyon. There our community and political affairs chairs Selena Flores and Gerard Manay hosted our Bataan Memorial Hike. As we walked uphill in the mud and the slight rainfall—although it was beautiful—we were only given a slight reminder of the struggles that our fellow Pilipino brothers and sisters faced in the Bataan Death March. We will never forget. untitled (36 of 37)

On a brighter note, the 28th Annual Pilipino Cultural Night: Heaven Escapes Her tickets are on presale now at the table! Tell your family, invite your friends, and get pumped to visit the world of the Mactan Islands. Tickets are presale $15 and $20 at the door. Get your tickets now!!!HEH

That’s it for now folks! Have a good one and stay cute :)


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