General Workshop: Pilipino Cultural Dances

Pilipino Cultural Night, or commonly known as PCN, is a student-run production that contains many aspects that showcase the Pilipino/Pilipino-American heritage. Among these aspects is Cultural, where cast members perform cultural dances. Want to know more? Come check out this week’s general workshop to find out!

How many styles of Pilipino Cultural dance are there?

There are many styles of cultural dances, but they are categorized by “suites”, in which there are 5: Maria Clara, Mountain, Southern Islands, Tribal, and Barrio!

Which is the most popular?

The most popular suite is Barrio! It is the most lively, energetic, and exciting suite to watch.

When are these dances commonly performed?

Any suite can be performed at any time, depending on the performance request and when/where the event is. Most of the time, the Barrio and Maria Clara suites are performed for Cotillions, weddings, and/or festivals.

Why is it important to learn about the cultural dances?

“We believe that every cast member of PCN should know at least the names of each suite, and their origins to help them better their knowledge of the rich heritage of the Pilipino culture.” 

– Supreme Interns, AkbayanSJSU Internship Class 2015-2016




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