In Case You Missed It: Filipino Tourism and KAAMP Revealing

 >> Mar 7 – 10 <<

Hello everyone we hope y’all had an awesome experience during KAAMP Revealing week and are hanging out with your fam members, new and old alike.

On Monday, on March 7th the Supreme Interns kicked off the week with their very first fundraiser of the semester called Donut Mondaze. It turned out to be a great success and everyone rushed to the table to grab their dose of Krispy Kreme donuts. The interns sold around 25 dozens and eventually sold out later in the day. Keep an eye out for future fundraisers to come! All proceeds go towards this spring’s End of the Year Banquet, also to be hosted by the Supreme Interns class.

On Thursday, our Social Chair, Cassidy held a general workshop that covered Filipino Tourism. People discussed popular places and hidden gems all throughout the islands of the Philippines. FUN FACT: did you know some of Asia’s largest shopping centers are located in the PI? We also talked about natural attractions and scenic spots unique the Philippines, as well as Cebu – the setting central to the plot of this year’s PCN in April!

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>> Mar 14 – 17 <<

Last week was our KAAMP Revealing week and new adings eagerly stopped by the table to pick up their gifts. BUT they couldn’t just pick up their gifts and head on their way. There were several activities they had to do including writing their names with their butts and meeting new people around the table. Some adings received food, poster boards, mixtapes, and even goldfish!?

Thursday was the big day…KAAMP REVEALING!! Adings headed over to SU Patio and received a clue as to what fam they were put in. After, they had to find others who had the same clues and that would indicate that they were in the same fam. Meanwhile, all the kuya’s and ate’s waited at A.S. Lawn as they got their posters and balloons together…ready to welcome the new adings into their respective fams.

But what about those who couldn’t make revealing night?!

Luckily, special arrangements were made to ensure every ading was able to be revealed to their kuya/ate so don’t worry, we got ’em ;)

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Thank you to KAAMP core for pairing over 100 adings!!! much love <3

stay wavy ;)


Do you want to become a leader for an organization that oversees over 300 members? Want to have something to add to your resume, or develop communication and teamwork skills? Then come out to our Elections Info Night where you can learn more about the positions of cabinet. This is the first step to becoming a leader, so check it out!


Monday 3/21: SH 120, 6-8 PM

Tuesday 3/22: BBC 220, 6-8 PM

PCN tickets are on sale now! Pre-sale: $15

Hurry and get them before they’re sold out, you may purchase them at the Akbayan table Mondays thru Thursdays from 11 AM to 4 PM on 7th street plaza.



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