General Workshop: Evolution of the Filipino Flag

The national flag of the Philippines has been changed many times throughout history and you may be wondering how the design today came to be. In that case be sure to come out to this week’s general workshop as we will be covering this topic!

How many times was the flag changed?

The flag was altered a total of 9 times throughout history! Most of the designs are also variations of previous ones so you’ll see a pattern through the evolution.

When was the first Filipino flag designed?

The first flag of the Philippines was said to be created around the 1890’s when the Katipunan was first founded.

What do the flag’s colors represent?

While each flag represents something different and unique, most of the flags are covered in red. Red is a significant color to Pilipino history because it represents the Katipunan and the beginning of the revolution.

Why is it important to learn about the evolution of the flag?

“I believe it is important to learn about the evolution of the flag because of its rich history. Not many people know about the Katipunan and how Pilipino’s have always been fighting for their freedom. I believe this is a great way to inspire young pinoys and pinays to start their own self revolution to become better individuals.”

– Adrian Bautista, Cultural Chair and host of general workshop

If you are interested, come out this Thursday, March 3 to BBC 224 from 6-7 pm

stay wavy ;)




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