In Case You Missed It: Spring Rush Week, Open House, and Kick Off Picnic!

>> Feb 1-6 <<

Welcome back for another semester!!! We hope you’re ready for what’s in store for you all this spring :D To start off every semester, Akbayan holds a ‘rush week’ intended for people interested in joining the org to learn more about what we have to offer and to meet new people. We also had our updated scrapbook with pictures from our fall semester as well as a spinning wheel where you could win raffle tickets to win prizes at open house!


Monday’s theme was to represent your school or favorite sports team and people sported their favorite jersey’s and athletic gear at the table. Tuesday was treat yourself Tuesday and a lot of people stopped by the table to grab some candy on the way to class. Wednesday was PCN apparel day and people wore their Laban or Barrio 2 Bayou shirt (or previous PCN’s!) in spirit of PCN. Thursday was photobooth day and the greatest selfie’s of all time were taken at the table *flashes lights*.

Thursday was also the day of our spring open house. Not only was this a reunion for current gen members to see each other, but also for our new members to get their foot in the door and embrace the Akbayan experience! Things kicked off with an introduction of this year’s cabinet, otherwise known as T.Y.D.E. 39 which stands for Together You Discover Empowerment. In case you missed it (heh), here is the introduction video that was played at open house.

People got really excited once the raffles started because you could have won a watch, Akbayan apparel, some PCN movie tickets, and lots of gift cards! But wait, no Hydro Flask?!?


After the raffles, some ice breakers were introduced to encourage everyone to meet someone new. One of the games was called pulse or if you’ve ever played telephone it’s pretty similar to that. Basically everyone made two lines and each line would squeeze the hand of the person next to them. Whichever line the squeeze or ‘pulse’ made it through the fastest, the last person would slap the hand of whoever was waiting at the end of both lines.


At the end of open house, people who were interested in PCN or KAAMP signed up and were told to attend the info nights which will be held the next week. Thank you again to those who came out and supported Akbayan at open house and we look forward to seeing all of your faces again soon :)


On Saturday, kick off picnic was held at Selma Olinder Park, a park fairly close to campus. For those who couldn’t drive, we had people meet up in front of the dorms and everyone walked to the park together. Luckily the sun was out and the weather was perfect to have some fun and play games on the grassy fields.


^^ IS THAT TURON?!?!? maybe….

We kicked things off by having everyone stand in a circle and share a little information about themselves. Then, people were split into 5 groups to talk more amongst each other and get closer to one another! After the mini ice breakers people were free to chill out and mingle with others, some people even played football! Later in the day, there was pizza for lunch. There were also muffins and chips for people to snack on.


After lunch, some more ice breakers were played and then some people played basketball and volleyball. Overall it was a fun day filled with sports and good vibes, the perfect way to start off the semester!! We have high hopes for this semester and hope that you’re just as excited as we are to dive in to PCN SEASON WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! Let’s get it…heh.

as always, stay wavy :)



Interested in KAAMP or PCN?! Lucky for you info night is just around the corner! It’ll be held on Monday AND Tuesday (2/8 and 2/9) in Sweeney Hall 100 from 6 to 8 PM. If you cannot make it please email OR


Wanna re-live Akbayan’s 27th annual PCN?! Come out this Friday (2/12) in Washington Square Hall 207 and watch last year’s production, Laban. Call time is at 6 PM, so don’t be late! For more info or questions email

Wanna know more about what Akbayan events will be held for the month of February?! Watch this short video and find out :)





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