In Case You Missed It: Academic Success Workshop and KAAMP Thanksgiving

>> Nov 16-20 <<

Earlier this week we wrapped up our PCN workshops for the semester and people got another chance to try out all the aspects that were offered. We also extended the canned food drive so people could donate more cans. The table was filled with bags of canned goods like corn, beans, and soup! Some people also went out and got turkeys to donate to Second Harvest Food Bank! Shoutout to everyone who donated food…our totals came out to *drum roll* 635 CANS and 25 TURKEYS!

Thursday our Academics Chair, Sandro, hosted the first academic success workshop – JUST IN TIME FOR FINALS :D – guest speakers from Peer Connections gave tips on how to study well and helped everyone come up with some new studying techniques! Ate Era from ECCAC (Ethnic and Cultural Communities Advisory Committee) also came and talked about stress and mental health.


People who answered questions relating to how they dealt with stress also got some pretty cool stuff such as multi-colored post-its, stylus pens, highlighters, and even an Earth-shaped stress ball :D

Friday was the big day….KAAMP THANKSGIVING!!!! All the fam’s rolled in deep with their own exclusive themes. A sea of maroon, navy blue, flannels, sports jerseys, and even Drake(s) showed up to Berryessa Community Center excited and with empty stomachs.


There was a ton of food and dessert, but was it a Filipino Thanksgiving without lechon?! of course there was one ;o


The lechon is in the background, promise D:

As people took pictures with their fam’s at the photobooth, the top 2 fam’s who donated the most cans during the food drive played Family Feud. It was head to head between Smash Fam and Entourage answering questions relating to Akbayan and San Jose.


A little tribute video was also played to show how much everyone appreciated Necole and KAAMP core’s hard work *awwwww*. The video was made by previous KAAMP Coordinate Nea Ignacio, who is also Necole’s ate :O (what a coincidence?!). After the video the tables were cleared and moved to the sides to open up the dance floor! While good music was being played people danced and even the Warrior’s game was being streamed! At the end of the night everyone had hella fun and it brought all the KAAMP families closer :) If you wanna see more pictures from KAAMP Thanksgiving click here OR academic workshop click here.

Finals are right around the corner and then it’s winter break woo hoo! ~study hard~

Until then, see you at Winter Formal! stay wavy ;)


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