In Case You Missed It: Fil-Am Bay Area Workshop, PCN Info Nights and Fall Workshops

>> Nov 2-12 <<

Leaves are falling, the weather’s cooling, and it’s also….PCN season!!! To kick off, we had our first info nights on Tuesday (11/3) and Wednesday (11/4). Lots of people came by and learned about the aspects that they could take part in. The directors gave a little snippet of all the things you could do whether it was cultural, acting, choir, modern/contemporary, band, or tech. Cast members who were a part of Laban shared a moment when a video was played highlighting last year’s PCN.

On Thursday (11/5) we held a general workshop on what it meant to grow up in the Bay Area as Filipino Americans. We also had guest speakers from ECCAC and Filgramage! People grouped up by their home towns and shared a little bit about how each city catered to Filipinos and Filipino Americans living in the area!


Here’s a picture of our guest speaker :)


After the workshop, we all walked over to 7th street fountain for a candlelight vigil honoring the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Many people in the Philippines have been affected and everyone took a moment to say who they were grateful for in their lives. It was a very special moment between our gen members and in a way, brought everyone together.

Just last week we started our holding workshops for PCN! Monday was our acting workshop and people acted out some pretty funny scenes and lots of laughing was involved ;). Following the acting workshop, people walked together to Spartan Chapel for the choir workshop. After several breathing exercises and a ‘riff-off’ ice breaker everyone’s voices were ready to sing! This workshop was led by our new choir director, Annabelle with the help of some others too!


Tuesday we had our cultural workshop lead by Noelle and she directed a dance from the Southern Islands suite! The room was split between guys and girls so it would be easier to learn the dance (and maybe a few sway balances??). Thursday was the modern workshop taught by AJ Paquia and again there was a big turnout. People came ready to dance in their shorts, adidas pants, and leggings! But who did the solo dance at the end?! Either way it was great to see some new faces at these workshops and we’ll see what spring semester has in store!


^ Some peeps dancing and getting in the groove 8) ^


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