In Case You Missed It: FRIENDSHIP GAMES 2015

>> Oct 19-24 <<

SAN JO, YOU KNOW!! Hey CONVICTS and welcome back, we’re sure some of you out there still have those withdrawals heh…but hopefully you all had a memorable Friendship Games experience! This year was the 30th annual Friendship Games and *Heaven* week started off with back to back practices between all aspects such as SPUF, games, and roll call with each aspect supporting each other. On Tuesday, games team groundhog’d their way to the aerobics room and watched roll call do their thangg. On Wednesday, roll call danced their way to Caesar Chavez park with SPUF and cheered their hearts out at games practice. On Thursday, roll call and SPUF got one more practice in and prepared to go down to Fullerton for the big show!

On Friday, people started to head down to SoCal, some drove and others took the bus. After people got settled in we had our midnight meeting at 10:30. Roll call showed performed their piece and SPUF played out their skit for everyone to see. At the end of the meeting everyone was pumped and got their convicts shirt!


The next morning we all woke up at 5:30 AM and headed over to Fullerton by 7 for the big day! Early bird gets the worm right?! Everyone got into character with our ‘chains’ and a sea of orange entered Fullerton’s campus.


We were greeted by the hosts who wished us a happy birthday (hence the fact that it was the 30th anniversary of FG)!!! As we lined up for registration we saw all the other schools arriving and the SPUF-ing slowly began…we set up ‘camp’ next to East Bay (tri-force!!!) and got ready to start the day off with our first SPUF!

IMG_2398^Walking over to the first school to start SPUF-ing…^

There were so many people in different themes including bakers, Mulan, Foot Locker, Pikachu, Mad Max, chefs, Gryffindor, and more! But the first schools we SPUF’d were CSU Bakersfield followed by UC Merced, both of which were a blast! None of the other presidents from other school’s expected to drop the soap and pay the consequences…

Soon enough it was time for roll call to perform and we got front row seats at the stage. Watch them kill it right here ;)

It wasn’t long before games began too, “Alpine” was first and we were first to finish in our heat! Next up was (make it) “NASTY” and we came in close at second! After nasty, it was “groundhog” and we also got first in that heat as well! “Conveyer” and “Thread the Needle” were the last two games and we placed second in both of those games. Shoutout to games team for playing their best and leaving their hearts out on that field :)))

IMG_2512^Here you can see our groundhog team taking the lead^

In the meantime, we continued SPUF-ing other schools including Cal Poly SLO and even SF State! Take a look at some of these pictures that captured these moments :)

FG-5374^ SJSU Convicts vs. Saint Mary’s Super Smash ^

FG-5528^ SJSU Convicts vs. Cal Poly SLO Mimes ^

FG-5350^ SJSU Convicts vs. UNLV Gryffindor ^

After a long day of SPUF-ing, games, and cheering we went outside for a pep talk where Cassidy gave some final remarks and thanked core for their hard work. Coach Andy also talked to everyone and passed down the head coach position to…..*drum roll please* Tyler Petroni!


After the pep talk, everyone went back to the hotel to settle down and rest up after a long day. Despite not bringing home a trophy this year, FG was still hella fun whether it was heading down to SoCal or just being together as SJSU for a whole day and having each other’s backs. Until then, see you at FG next year!! stay wavyyyyy….check out our pictures from FG and the announcement below.


We are holding a General Member T-shirt Design Contest!!!!


1. Must have “AkbayanSJSU” and the school year on it

2. Can only have 1-2 colors

3. Must be a vector image or .png


Please send your designs to Media at


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