In Case You Missed It: Mandatory Meeting and Triforce Club Event BERRR BERRR BERRR BERRRRRR

Who dropped the soap?? Hopefully not you cause you might need to pack that this weekend. Cassidy Tarng, our Social Chair, along with his core, shared their expertise about Friendship Games, water consumption, and everything in between. Heres are some VVV IMPORTANT things to remember !!!

What to bring:
TWO FORMS OF ID: Student ID, photo ID (drivers license, passport, etc), liability form (we’ll passed out the ones you signed)
– Water (SEALED) – Don’t open fam. The FG security will not be happy :)
– Snacks (Remember that you cannot share snackies, even with your friends)
– Money, Roughly a ~ HUNNID BUCKEROONIES 

Dress code:
– SJSU FG Shirt (given to those who paid)
– Black or orange bottom (shorts, leggings, etc)
– DRESS UP: (tattoos, corn rows, etc) *BE CREATIVE*
– No gang tattoos/bandanas

– Holiday Inn & Suites Fullerton
– 2932 Nutwood Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831

Hotel rules:
– Respect other guests
– Don’t be too loud
– NO drinking, smoking, drugs (You will be kicked out)

FG rules:
– No anti-SPUF behavior
– No running
– Clean up after yourself
– Do NOT get into any altercations or arguments with anyone
– Remember YOU represent SJSU. Act like it

– 8:00AM Bus meet at 7th St. Fountain
– Check-in hotel from 3PM – 9PM (Cardholders DON’T miss this)
– 10:30PM Midnight Meeting (Mandatory for everyone, Don’t miss this)

– 5:30AM Wake up call
– 7:00AM Arrive at FG
– 8:00AM Register
– 9:00AM Roll Call starts
– 11:00AM Games starts
– 1:00PM Half-time
– 3:00PM Games continue
– 5:00PM Final rampage
– 10:00PM Awards Ceremony (buy tickets during FG, pajama themed)

– 12:00PM Checkout
– 12:15PM Farewell meeting

Contact Info:
– Cassidy Tarng (510)-676-2337 | For general questions
– Jericho Lazo (808)-203-4283 | If you have problems on the road (car troubles, accidents, etc.)
– Raymond Domulot – (707)-419-9775 | If you are a cardholder, TEXT or CALL Raymond when you get to the hotel so he can walk you through the check-in process

Last Saturday with our Tri-Force counterparts, we held the annual club event at the Horizon Lounge in SF. ICYMI, it was a night full of dancing, Fetty Wap, new friends, and more Fetty Wap!

Hey wanna hear a joke?

The roof isn’t my son, but I’ll raise it…

Good Luck with your endeavors in life,



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