In Case You Missed It: Gen workshops, FG Mixer, and OPEN MIC!

>> Sept 28 – Oct 3 <<

IT’S OCTOBERRRR!!! We have so much in store for you this month and it’s about to go down :D Tons of events happened these past few weeks starting with our second general workshop that took place 2 weeks ago. It was on Filipino street foods and it was hosted by Social Chair Cassidy Tarng. Lots of people came by to re-live their childhood, talking to each other about the culture and traditions of street foods (and maybe even a little taste of it!!!).


Here we have turon, filipino hot dogs, and chicharon. But what about the banana ketchup?!??

Last Monday we held our Fall Open Mic and gen members showcased their singing and dancing skills over at Spartan Chapel! The following Thursday we had another gen workshop on the topic of being Filipino American. We had guest speakers from the ECCAC and they talked about how it was growing up filipino american and what it meant to be first or second generation.


Here were the guest speakers!

Last but not least this past Saturday was our very first Friendship Games mixer at Selma Olinder Park!! This was for all aspects to meet each other, bond, and cheer each other on!


From icebreakers to competitive SPUF cheers it was a great way for everyone to get to know each other before we head down to FRIENDSHIP GAMES in 2 weeks!!


See y’all next week and stay tuned for KAAMP REVEALING AND RAAP”BOO”HAY! stay wavy ;)

In case you want to look at pictures:

Filipino Street Foods Workshop

Fil-Am Workshop

FG Mixer


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