In Case You Missed It: FG, Mentorship Workshop, and Delano Grape Strike

>> September 7-10 <<

This past week there were several workshops held and practice for Friendship Games also started! Things kicked off on Tuesday with SPUF practice and new members learned some of the cheers performed at previous games.


Wednesday was games practice where people got a taste of the different games played at friendship games (that’s a lot of games lol). Everyone was getting fit with the coaches, doing sprints, stretches, and more!


As you can see here, people are getting ready for the game groundhog.

There was also a mentorship workshop aimed at kuya’s and ate’s who were picking up for the first time. People talked about what it meant to be a mentor and how to be a good role model. It was a success and it prepared the new kuya’s and ate’s for when it comes time to pick up their ading.

On Thursday we held our very first general workshop of the year!!! It was based around the Delano Grape Strike and we were very fortunate to have Johnny Itliong as our guest speaker. Johnny is the son of Larry Itliong, who was one of the leaders of the strike. During the workshop, he told us his experience of growing up during the time leading up to the strike. It was great seeing some new faces and everyone got to learn more about Filipino history.


Here’s a picture of everyone with Johnny in the middle!

That’s all for now we’ll see ya soon! :D


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