In Case You Missed It: Fall Open House 2015

>> August 24-27 <<

Welcome back to school everyone!!!

We hope you all had a great first week of class! This past week was full of fun activities held at the table and lots of reunions between all our gen members (yay!). For Akbayan’s ‘rush week’ we had a different theme for each day and people participated by posting a picture on Instagram with the hashtag “AkbayanOH2015”. We also had a wheel for people to spin to win candy and raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes at…Open House!!!

Monday’s theme was was ‘bring a friend to the table’ and lots of people came by and took pictures!


Tuesday’s theme was ‘rep your fam’ and all the fam’s came out in their apparel woot woot!

FullSizeRender (1)

Wednesday was Fall Flashback, so people wore apparel from events that happened in the fall semester but unfortunately we don’t have any pictures to show :(

BUT WAIT! Thursday was Akbayan apparel day and also…open house!!! New members got a taste of what Akbayan was and the events that would be held over the fall semester. Tons of prizes including gift cards, gift bags, and even Nothing Bundt Cakes were raffled off to everyone who received raffle tickets at the table throughout the week. People also participated in an ice breaker called Petra where you have a dance off against other groups. You had to come up with a specific move for your group and if you were called on but did not have a move or were not synchronized then you would be O-U-T! Here’s a picture of Gerard and Cassidy leading their group in a dance.


The 39th Cabinet was also revealed to everyone as T.Y.D.E. 39 which stands for “Together You’ll Develop Empowerment” and here is a video introducing them!

Another exciting thing at open house was….FRIENDSHIP GAMES! If you wanna find out what this year’s theme will be, watch the revealing video here :)

And last but not least, shout out to TRIIII-FORCE for coming out and supporting us at open house y’all are pretty awesome :D

That’s all for now…and remember, stay cute. =D


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