In Case You Missed It: Filipino Flag General Workshop and Cabinet Elections Info Night

[Apr 6 – 10]

Two super amazing events occurred on Thursday which were the Filipino Flag General Workshop and the Cabinet Elections Info Night.


Bang! Bang! The CoPoCos and Berbers started the workshop off with an icebreaker, Bang:Charlie’s Angels edition. It’s pretty much the same rules as Bang but when your name is called out the people next to you must do the pose and whoever is the slowest to react is out. Afterwards, they spoke about the meaning and history behind the colors, stars and sun rays. Then they talked more about the national anthem and how singers would be put down for not singing it the correct way. Everyone was then broken down into five groups because it was ~activity time~ woo! Each group was given a stanza from the national anthem to sing. There were some trouble pronouncing some of the words but each group had at least one person that knew how to sing it and if not then Bernice would help them out. After this was another activity but this time it dealt with food.


Everyone had a chance to create a Filipino Flag cookie but first they had to answer questions that dealt with information on the slides.


Right after the general workshop, we transitioned to the cab elections info night. Every position went up by board to the from of the table to give the attendees the realest of the real about their position. Something new about the next year’s cabinet would be the Academics Chair. Interested in becoming a leader for this organization or know someone who does? Send in your nomination to the presidannt at!



Will Call is now available! PCN is only 9 days away! Purchase your ticket from a cast member for the pre-sale ticket($20). Check out the page for more information!


Still happening! Loser has to make a music video of the winner’s choice!


“The Dragon Interns of Akbayan SJSU present to you the open mic for this Spring semester!

Come celebrate KAAMP Spirit Week and watch the talent of the San Jose community be unleashed before your own eyes at the new Elements SJ Vape Shop (next to Philz)!

There will be a $20 Pizza My Heart gift card raffle to fund-raise for our End of the Year Banquet! You can purchase tickets at the door for $1.

Contact us for any questions, concerns, or if you’re interested in performing:
Claire Cabatu |
Odalis Reyes |”



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