In Case You Missed It: AK Factor

[Mar 30 – Apr 4]


Helloooo! In case you didn’t know, the FIRST EVER AK Factor occurred on April 3rd. Don’t know what’s AK Factor? Well it’s a talent showcase that’s open to not only Akbayan general members but to the general public! Well mostly to bay kids. But yea. The winner of AK Factor gets to perform at the 15th Annual Ma”BOO”hay in October. Do you know how epic that is? Hella epic. Anyways, before the AK Factor Live Finale happened, performers would submit their 1~2 minute video of their talent to Bernice. The top three best performers from the video submissions were then chosen to perform in front of four judges and an audience. The four judges were Aaron Aslio, Christian Borromeo, Myla Leseñana, and Chynna Calayag. If you didn’t know, they’re previous cultural chairs except for Aaron. He’s just there. 

The three finalists were Breanne Familara, JR De Guzman, and Hush Krew. Breanne went up first with the amazing Stacy Hernandez. She sung a pretty neat-o medley which was a great way to start off the event. Afterwards, JR went up with a guitar. The crowd was ready to hear some rad guitar strumming and mad vocals. Instead, JR threw them some cool jokes and even combined it with some singing. The crowd was dying during and after his act. Lastly, Hush Krew went up and covered two songs, Fader by The Temper Trap and Last Nite by the Strokes!

After the three finalists went up, the judges left the building to discuss and figure out who the winner would be. During this time, the contestants went up and answered questions asked by MC Cassidy. We learned a lot about all of them like how they started their talent and if they’ll still work with it later in life. Pretty neat. The judges later came in and Berbers brought all the contestants back on stage to announce the winner. But first, everyone received a huge certificate for participating in the first ever AK Factor. Aaaaand the winner was…..Hush Krew! woowoowoowoo!!They received a toy microphone! They performed one more song which was the song they played at KAAMP Thanksgiving! Catch them at the next Ma”BOO”hay~


11042950_880715335318159_7904015710214616_nPenny Wars is still going on! Help out the DRAGON interns by dropping in pennies, nickels, dimes, or pesos in the jugs which are usually located at the table!

11149526_900472066675819_6580303066386036565_n^^^^^^ The Dragon Interns will be selling otter pops near the Akbayan table! They’re ~tropical~


“Although we’ve enriched in our culture through historical events such as the Bataan Death March, the snap election between Marcos and Aquino, and historical landmarks in the bay area (SOMA & Little Manila), what about the simple, yet important icon most people have been proudly sporting through tattoos, apparel, hats, and stickers today?

Get further in touch with your roots by joining us for a fun, yet informative workshop on the flag of the Philippines! By attending this workshop, we’ll all be learning the history on how the flag came to be and why so many people wave it proudly today!

ALSO with PCN just around the corner, Akbayan’s Cultural Chair, Bernice, will be helping teach the Filipino National Anthem as well :)”



Interested in being super cool and amazing leader for this super cool and amazing org? Read the above flyer and check out Info Night!


“Hello everyone!

Come out and join us for Akbayan’s very own Internship & Job Workshop hosted by John Salangsang from the Career Center!

This will be a great opportunity to go over tips on how to build your resume, help in discovering the different types of resources available to you as students, and learn how to utilize networking to find just the right job or internship for you!

Where: HB 407
When: Monday, April 13th
Time: 5:00 P.M. – 6:30 P.M.

See you there!” – Char



ATTENTION! Will call is now available for PCN! ! ! !

Woot! Woot! If you are reading this then contribute to Penny Wars! or give a cab member a Taco Bell packet :-)

Check out the new ANO? It’s pretty cool.






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