In Case You Missed It: Filipino Games General Workshop & Alumni Dinner

[Mar 16- 21]


The DRAGON Interns hosted their first general workshop this Thursday on Filipino games! They started off with an ice breaker called Bang! We then discussed games that we played when we were children. Afterwards, in pairs, the interns introduced and briefly described some Filipino games which everyone would be playing later in the event. The games that were introduced were Sungka, Patay Patayan and Agawan Base. Everyone then walked outside to Tower Lawn and broke out into groups of three. Each group went to a different game to play and then rotated every 20 minutes so everyone had a chance to play. Everyone had fun at each game. Sunga was kinda intense since counting the holes was considered cheating and the fact that the holes were too small for the beads/shells or when you see someone make the wrong move and you try to help but it’s too late. Patay Patayan was nerve wrecking because you never know who the killer was or you knew but you were just a normal person and couldn’t do anything about it sooo you’d avoid eye contact. And then there were some people that couldn’t wink so they’d do an awkward fast blink. Agawan Base seemed to be a crowd favorite that they palyed another round after the workshop was over. It was a pretty fun game since you could whatever you have to use as the “base” or to make boundaries.


On Saturday, Ray hosted the Alumni Dinner at Nick’s house. Not only were there Alumni, but also Cab and some of the DRAGON Interns. Alumni, Cab, and Interns mingled for a bit. Interns learned a lot about Alumni’s experience on cab and the Alumni were able to get some updates on the organization as of now. And theeen four rounds of bingo happened. The first two rounds were just regular bingo games while the last one was a blackout game. For the first game, Alan Gouig, DRAGON Intern, won a gift card to Boiling Crab. Woo! For the second round, Grandmaster Danreb Victorio won a goodie basket that was filled with cheese, crackers, salami, and wine. Pretty much an adult lunchables. The third round was an Ann wingspan of tickets for the raffle that was for 50% of the $$$. Sandro and Marisa both won that round. Afterwards, the $5 five course meal made by Kevin Irabagon and his staff was served. Here are some pictures of the food featuring Caroline Clemente’s face:

          16694954277_e8a21e3632_q  16876429586_a8a4c5497e_q  16282270323_f4e2938a45_q



A big thank you to this group of amazing people.

After the five course meal ended, the raffle for the prize happened aaaaand the winner was Sharoleen Amigable. BERBERBERBERRRR. wahoo. yay.



You can still turn in your audition! The due date has been extended to this Friday. Dance, sing, juggle, soda chug. Got a talent? Want to show it off? Send in a video. Just do it, meng.

11073577_10206237340841342_3558270907098771003_nWe’re going on a trip to Little Manila with Triforce! Join us as we learn more about the history of this little site.

IMG_4710Char is hosting her first workshop on MONDAY! Alongside with John Salangsang, learn more about finding jobs and internships that would totally benefit in the long run.

10407227_957473467619437_8601940468794044152_nJoin us at our 27th Annual PCN! For more information on our PCN, check out the page here!

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Props to gerard for helping out make this ICYMI.


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