In Case You Missed It: The Amazing Race!

 [Mar 8 – 14]

If you haven’t watched The Amazing Race promo video then check it out!

The Amazing Race is a complex trivial pursuit that brings teams of five to unlock riddles given to them by ~The Riddler~ to see who know San Jose the best. This event took place on and off campus so groups traveled back and forth in order to get their next clue.


Everyone that participated in The Amazing Race gathered at the fountain on Tower Lawn. They lined up and were numbered off. Little did they know, the number that they were given were their new groups. An ice breaker was played to break the tension and shock that the attendees were facing. buuuut everyone seemed to click pretty well. To start off the race, they played Minute-to-Minute Relay game. It started off at Tower Lawn with the Face the Cookie game. One person from each team stayed at Tower Lawn while everyone else went to the other mini game stations and waited to be tagged by their team member. From Tower Lawn, they would have to run all the way to the second floor of the SU to tag their group mate to start their mini game which was the Quarter Flick where the person their has to spin it and then the person that just got their has to stop it. From there, they would have to run down the other side’s stairs and to the tables close to Jamba Juice where the next mini game was at which was the Pull Out Game. The game started with cups stacked with flyers in between them and the player in this game has to pull out the flyers and make the top cup go in the cup underneath it until there are no flyers left. After this game, players ran down the steps towards the other side of the SU to tag their teammate that would be playing the House of Cards mini game. Players would have to stack cards as triangles and make it up to the second tier. Once they done that, players would run back to near the Jamba Juice side to play final game which was the Pencil Flick game. Players would have to balance 1 pencil on the back of their hand, throw it in the air, and catch it. They would have to do this until they caught five pencils all together. The teams that finished from first to last were Twerk Team, JONES, and FabFive.


The perk of finishing the Minute to Minute game was that the team was able to get their first clue and leave early while the other two had to wait it out a bit. Teams were given riddles and in order to solve them, they would have to run to that location and take a group picture in front of it and then send it to their Riddler. They then have to wait for the Riddler to respond and if they got stuck, they had the ability to get hints for the cost of one point. Each riddle they got right was ten points. The Riddler gave the clues that led them to various locations off campus, such as, from BoBos, to Yogurtland, to Hobags, to Pyscho donuts. This went on for about two hours and then they had a lunch break for a good 45 mins. Then the second wave of riddles were sent out but the runners had a choice to continue to solve the riddles or do challenges in the SU for 5 points. BUT THIS ROUND HAD A PLOT TWIST WHERE CAB MEMBERS WOULD GO OUT AND HUNT OUT TEAMS AND GIVE THEM CHALLENGES. Challenges consisted of horrible rounds of Beanboozled challenges or holding a spoon in their mouth that held a ping pong and had to walk the whole plaza. Everyone became very cautious and would take longer routes or go through buildings in order to get to their destination.


That went on for about two hours and then all the teams ended it with the challenges at the SU. There were about three challenges that were also against cab members. One of the games is when both participants were blindfolded and has to transfer five papers from a plateful of rice to the plate next to them. The next game was using chopsticks with their non-dominant and transport marshmallows from a plate to a cup. The third game was to fling five rubber bands into a box that was probably ten feet away. The Race was done when the last group played the rubber band game.


In third place, it was JONES team. Second was TwerkTeam. AND FIRST WAS FABFIVE.  The winners won black and red paracords that were made with the blood, sweat, and tears of Jerico Santos, Kristine Fernandez, and Bernice Igancio!



The DRAGON interns are starting up their Penny Wars Fundraiser! Help whichever team, boys or girls, win by putting in pennies the jars that will be at the table and every event!


The DRAGON interns are hosting their first general workshop. Come by, learn, and play some Filipino games~


Got a talent? Know a friend that has a talent? Send in a video audition to! Winner gets to perform in the 15th Annual Ma”BOO”hay!11073577_10206237340841342_3558270907098771003_n

Join us and TRIFORCE to journey to Little Manila! Come out and learn about Filipino history, specifically in Stockton. *Don’t eat at the McD’s there*

Check out this workshop hosted by Charlene Estolas! It’s gonna be neat, yo.

FB Event links:

If you read this, check out the Alumni Spotlight and watch the Spring KAAMP Revealing Video


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