In Case You Missed it: PCN Mandatory Meetings & Filipino Women and Privilege General Workshop

[Mar 2- 6]

This week was pretty chill. We had our PCN Mandatory Meetings on Monday and Tuesday and then Bernice, Kristine, and Jerico hosted the second general workshop on Filipino Women and Privilege.


For PCN Mandatory Meetings, we talked about the info packet and Super Sundays. Super Sundays will be held in the SU Patio from 2-8PM. Oh! Don’t forget to pay your cast fee. The cast fee just went up to $70.

GW#2FB Banner


The second general workshop was this Thursday. We started the workshop with an ice breaker which was lead by Gaby and Allison. The ice breaker was “Who has the Power?”. Basically, whoever talked first had the power. Afterwards, Bernice took the stage and presented about notable Filipino Women and opened up a discussion about a Filipino’s place in the household and the spelling of women as womyn. Later, a guest speaker from GABRIELA talked about her organization and their aspirations in life. A video was then showed which was about Filipino women in the Philippines and their revolution. AAAAAND then it was the CoPoCo’s turn. JR and Kwiteen transitioned with an ice breaker on privilege. From their seat, general members would have to throw a crumpled up paper ball into a recycling bin which was in front. The lesson of this activity that even if you’re in the way way back(meaning you have the least privilege), you should still try to succeed. Plus, the chairs had wheels so members had the option of rolling to the front and would still be in their seat. Later, we formed a circle and talked more about privilege and if we are privileged or not For the next activity, we formed groups of 5-6 and everyone was handed a Popsicle stick. On the Popsicle stick, we wrote down an obstacle that was in our way. Afterwards, everyone would say their obstacle aloud, if they were comfortable, and then breaking the Popsicle stick.



The Dragon Interns are having their first fundraiser at 4th Street Pizza. For more information, check out the FB event page here!


It’s not too late to join! Contact the Community chairs at Don’t forget that you need a team of six people.


AK Factor is coming up! Send in a video to to join in on the fun!

The Dragon Interns are holding a Penny Wars for the semester! More information on it will soon be announced so watch out for it!

woo! you made it to the end. give yourself a high five. if you read this all the way, then bring a taco bell sauce packet to the table and give it to an intern.


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