In Case You Missed It: KAAMP Revealing & Inaugural Basketball Tournament

[Feb 23 – Mar 1 ]

This week we had KAAMP Revealing and our first ever basketball tournament! woot woot!


So, KAAMP Revealing Week! For three days, Monday to Wednesday, the new adings came by the table to pick up their clues from their kuyate BUT they had to complete the task of that day in order to get the clue. On Monday, adings had to stand on a square tile that was probably five feet away from the table, face away from the table, and write their name with their butt. Some were a bit hesitant and a lot of them thought we were joking. If you don’t know, the table was located in the 7th St plaza, where tons of people walk by. Every ading ended up doing it. On Tuesday, adings had to meet five people they don’t know. Some kuyates hung around the table to see their ading pick up their gift so this was a great way to meet(or troll) their adings unintentionally. On Wednesday, adings didn’t have to do anything! haha. AND THEN BAM. THURSDAY. THE DAY OF REVEALING. Kuyates were to meet up at the AS Lawn while the sp’adings met up at the SU patio. Around 6PM, the new adings excitedly ventured out to meet their kuyates. The kuyate formed two lines where their backs were facing the adings. On the kuyates’ backs was a picture of their ading aaaand that’s how the adings would be able to find their kuyate. pretty cool. It was a nice way to see fam that you don’t see that often.


Saturday was AKBAYAN’S INAUGURAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT THAT WAS CREATED AND HOSTED BY THE MOST AWESOME NICK YURONG AND EVEN MORE AWESOME MEGHAN LOUIE. berberberberrrrrr. YEA. The basketball tournament was a two day event that brought in teams from different areas like SF or Stockton. The first day was held in YUH which was pretty neat since the building was revamped ooOooOoo. The teams that played were Maroon 5, Cameron House, Yeet Team, Two Oh Nine, Twerk Team , and That Team. Six games were played this day and the rest were played out on Sunday. In the first round, Maroon 5 and Cameron House went head to head and Cameron House won. The next game was Yeet Vs. Two Oh Nine. It was a close game, so close that they were tied for a quick second when Two Oh Nine miraculously made a half court shot in the last three seconds of the 2nd quarter. Buuuut then overtime happened and Yeet won. woo. Next game was That Team vs. Cameron House which moved Cameron House into the last game of the day. Yeet played against Twerk Team and Twerk won. Looking at the brackets would probably be better so here ya go:




If you have attended any of our events, check out our Flickr and see if you or your friends are in any of the pictures!

GW#2FB Banner

March 5th is our second general workshop of the semester! Come out to learn the “history, significance, and impact of the legacy that Filipino women have left in society and the culture.” (Facebook). There will also be guest speakers from GABRIELA National Alliance of Women and FAHNS(Filipino American Historic Society). Check it, check it, check it outttt. Genereal member shirts will also be passed out so yea.


 Amazing Race? What is that? Sounds cool and fun. WELL, The Amazing Race is pretty much a super cool scavenger hunt to see how well you know San Jose. Want to join in on the fun? Contact the CoPoCos at! For more information, check out the FB event page.

Check out this week’s Alumni Spotlight, Angelica Cortez! Missed out on the past Alumni Spotlight? Don’t worry about it! Past Alumni Spotlights are posted below the current one :-D



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